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Taurus and Aquarius compatibility: ♥ Rocky Ride

It's difficult to find common ground between those two. Aquarius is a born revolutionary whereas Taurus likes to follow the status quo and doesn't really have a rebellious side. These fundamental differences in their outlooks on life mean that they make for a weak and almost hopeless match. Discover the Taurus and Aquarius compatibility score and find out if they have what it takes to go the distance or not.

"Taurus and Aquarius are polar opposites." 

Taurus and Aquarius compatibility score: 1/5

These two signs face difficulty, because Taurus is possessive, while Aquarius personality boasts their independence loudly. Aquarius, focused on the future, has trouble assuring Taurus. What they imagine for the future is different. Taurus is afraid of the originality that makes Aquarius, who feels bound to a cage by Taurus’ zodiac sign jealousy. It only works if they share with the other what they’re lacking. This duo is better suited for work, not in love.

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Why Taurus and Aquarius could work out

Aquarius is passionate and looks towards the future with ambition, but risks to have a hard time reassuring Taurus, because let's face it their visions on life and outlooks are completely different. Taurus is likely to be afraid of Aquarius' original personality, which could cause jealousy to crop up in the relationship. If this love match is to succeed, both partners will have to put lots of effort in!

What makes them incompatible:

Taurus, you will find it hard to accept Aquarius' need for independence, and their authority  can sometimes prove too stifling for you. You like to be in control, yet this is unlikely to happen here.

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Taurus and Aquarius sex life:

You'll find it hard to be on the same wavelength and you won't be able to get along in the bedroom.

Love advice for this pair:

Be willing to work at the relationship!

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