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Taurus and Capricorn compatibility: ♥ Steady Duo

This ambitious duo is ready to take on world and dreams of heading to the top. They dream of leading a peaceful and quiet life away from the drama of modern life. Their love is pure and needs to be nutured in order to keep the flame burning. Their common goals are what binds them together so strongly. Discover the Taurus and Capricorn compatibility score and find out if they have what it takes to go the distance.

"Taurus and Capricorn have the same dreams." 

Taurus and Capricorn compatibility score: 4/5

Here are two Earth signs who are both cautious and reasonable. While life can become monotone for the two, it works for them in their mutual happiness. Their work ethic grants them success in long-term projects. On the other hand, when the unexpected strikes, they both have trouble coming back after change. They should use their practical sense to act instead of bitterness. Capricorn personality should keep the fire going to satisfy Taurus, a love guru.

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Why Taurus and Capricorn could work out

If this pair put their brains together to work through their problems, then their relationship will become totally unstoppable! Taurus' love sex and can't get enough of their partners when they are in a relationship, so the key to happiness really is a great sex life. You need to build and evolve in a loyal and solid context.

What makes them incompatible:

As Earth Signs, communication will not be your strong point and you risk going from misunderstanding to misunderstanding. Taurus, you will find it difficult to live the extremely cold and detached side of Capricorn.

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Taurus and Capricorn sex life:

Taurus, sex with Capricorn will lack sensuality, tenderness and spontaneity!

Love advice for this pair:

Dare to reveal your feelings!

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