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Taurus and Scorpio compatibility: ♥ A Sexy Duo

A magnetic attraction runs through this duo and means they struggle keeping their hands off each other. Their connection is very powerful and this pair mesh together perfectly in love. If they embark on a relationship, they'll enjoy bliss sensuality and their chemistry will mean that communication flows between them. Discover the Taurus and Scorpio compatibility score and find out if they work out in love.

"Taurus and Scorpio have an unbelievable sexual connection." 

Taurus and Scorpio compatibility score: 3/5

These two are different, but complementary. As sensual beings, they can pass hours in the bedroom. It’s a very physical relationship, but mentally they don’t agree. Scorpio personality is too complex for Taurus, who thinks pragmatically. Scorpio can’t pick on Taurus, which may incite violence. Nonetheless, Taurus’ life calms Scorpio through patience. Instinctive Scorpio teaches Taurus to use intuition to think things through.

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Why Taurus and Scorpio could work out

Scorpio's bad temper may awaken Taurus' defensive side and cause some serious tension in the relationship, this is a highly volatile couple! Taurus is the perfect partner to calm Scorpio down and teach Scorpio how to be calm and patient. Scorpio's lively personality will teach Taurus to seize the moment and to live in the present! As opposites of the zodiac, you are like two magnets and in fact, you attract each other without meaning to.

What makes them incompatible:

If drama is introduced in the relationship, both partners will panic and want to flee. These natives are on the look out for stable unions above all.

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Taurus and Scorpio sex life:

You are one hundred percent compatible and you completely understand each other's needs in the bedroom!

Love advice for this pair:

Learn to understand each other on a deeper level!

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