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Taurus and Pisces compatibility: ♥ Great Love Match

Taurus will be totally taken in by Pisces' carefree and youthful attitude. This pair could really achieve great things in a relationship and have a lot to teach each when it comes to creativity and organization. We'll lelt you into a little secret, this is one of Taurus' best love matches. Discover the Taurus and Pisces compatibility score and find out if they have what it takes to go the distance or not.

"Taurus and Pisces have amazing potential." 

Taurus and Pisces compatibility score: 4/5

This duo has what it takes to be happy! Delicate Taurus adores poetic Pisces personality!  Pisces offers Taurus magic and a love of the universe. They share an infinite love, a profound tenderness. Given their equally gentle nature, they get on wonderfully within the family. The maternal side of Pisces combined with the paternal side of Taurus makes for the likelihood of a large family. The elusiveness of Pisces can scare Taurus, but if Taurus leaves Pisces alone in their world, Pisces can offer them a sense of imagination.

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Why Taurus and Pisces could work out

Both Taurus and Pisces are kind souls and have really compatible personalities. Pisces feels a strong need to procreate and start a family and Taurus' envisage themselves with lots of children. Everything looks great for this couple, but the one downfall is that Pisces with their extensive imagination could scare Taurus away. Taurus needs to be able to recognize Pisces' need for some solo time.

What makes them incompatible:

Taurus, you are possessive and controlling which is why tend to scare the Pisces away. If you want you relationship to work out, you need to be more open-minded and less in control!

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Taurus and Pisces sex life:

You're quite compatible and you're sure to find sensuality, romance, and even eroticism, which is everything you both love!

Love advice for this pair:

Keep doing what you're doing!

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