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Taurus and Taurus compatibility: ♥ Very In Tune

It could take lots of sensual contact for this pair to fall in love with each other. Although, when they eventually take the plunge, they completely embrace each other and never get tired! They'll lead a quiet and traditional life together, but their lively sex life will set them apart from the rest! Discover the Taurus and Taurus compatibility score and if they have what it takes to maintain a relationship.

"Taurus and Taurus instantly click!" 

Taurus and Taurus compatibility score: 3/5

What two Taurus’ have in common is their sense of determination and desire to see projects through until the end. They are brilliantly peaceful and enjoy the simple pleasures in life together. If two Taurus’ get along, they can spend hours touching…or more. If they find things in common, their relationship is as solid as a rock!  

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Why Taurus and Taurus work out

If two Taurus' are attracted to each other, their level of sensuality is next to none! The attraction between them really is electric. What brings them together is their materialistic side. If both Taurus' make an effort their relationship can potentially be solid.  Both of you are very concrete and you have the same goals. You dream of leading a stable life and founding a family with plenty of children! You also both have the same level of appreciation for beautiful and luxurious things.

What makes them incompatible:

The lack of communication and your common tendency to want to be in control can lead to misunderstandings. Similarly, conflict will be critical to the evolution of your relationship.

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Taurus and Taurus sex life:

You are on the same wavelength and you have the same needs, so it works between you! Once you let go and let loose, nothing will stop you!

Love advice for this pair:

Make an effort to resolve disagreements.

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