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Taurus and Cancer compatibility: ♥ A Sweet Couple

This is easily the cutest pairing of all the zodiac signs. These zodiac signs live to love and are both in constant search of affection and tenderness, yet you both need permanent reassurance. Your feelings will develop quickly and turn into something very special, however the trust factor could eventually hold you back. Discover the Taurus and Cancer compatibility score and why they complete each other.

"Taurus and Cancer are kindred spirits." 

Taurus and Cancer compatibility score: 3/5

As two introverts, patience plays in their favor. With time, they’re sweet and cuddly to the other. This is a match that avoids tension and hates yelling. For this reason, they should live peacefully together. Taurus and Cancer can quickly decide to form a family or a love nest to call their own. In this pursuit, it is easy to close off from everyone or stop going out. They get very wrapped up in the other!

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Why Taurus and Cancer could work out

Now, here's a duo that hates fighting and yelling, and who prefer to live peacefully side by side. Taurus and Cancer personality will dream of starting a family and establishing a family home, although one of the serious downfalls of this pairing could be the fact that they become too consumed in each other. You make a beautiful couple and you share common values such as creating a home. 

What makes them incompatible:

Both of you are stubborn and dogged. Neither of you will have the strength to learn to how make concessions and compromises. Communication could be a drawback in your relationship as well as the source of misunderstandings between you.

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Taurus and Cancer sex life:

As two sensitive characters, you both have a sensual and romantic side meaning you should get along very well. You definitely won't be missing out on pleasure in the bedroom.

Love advice for this pair:

Don't give everything up for your relationship.

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