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Taurus and Leo compatibility: ♥ An Explosive Couple

Taurus is very ambitious and secretly loves to be admired for their talents. Leo on the other hand doesn't hide their desire for praise and is always craves attention. Their common need to feel accomplished is problematic and will certainly cause drama in their relationship. This pair should prepare for a power struggle that could rip them apart. Discover the Taurus and Leo compatibility score and why they aren't very well-matched.

"Taurus and Leo are overly proud." 

Taurus and Leo compatibility score: 2/5

Here are two strong personalities! With headstrong Taurus and authoritative Leo personality…fights are likely to occur. Fortunately, they stay loyal to each other and always find a path to reconciliation. However, they should not give into playing games, and should explain with tact and maturity. In terms of finances, Taurus needs to be reassured and Leo is looking for success. In the midst of frustrating projects, they support each other hand-in-hand.

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Why Taurus and Leo could work out

Leo needs to try a sit back in the relationship, because if Leo attempts to dominate, Taurus won't stick around for long! Taurus is capable of giving Leo the love that Leo requires. If this couple works towards similar goals, they could become the perfect love story. You both attach great importance to honesty and loyalty, so your relationship will be based on solid foundations.

What makes them incompatible:

You have racy and stubborn characters and you will have to tone them down if you want to avoid any form of conflict or disagreement. Your mutual pride will hold you back and prevent you from making up after arguing.

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Taurus and Leo sex life:

There's no doubt about it, your sex life will be wild! Leo knows perfectly how to meet your expectations and you will only ask to let yourself be 'worshipped'.

Love advice for this pair:

Learn to communicate maturely!

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