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Taurus and Libra compatibility: ♥ A Balanced Couple

As two zodiac signs who are governed by Venus, this pair is driven by the same need for harmony and beauty. Although, their different elements means they have trouble leading the same lifestyle. Taurus seeks silent peace, whereas Libra is more sociable and outgoing. These signs match well on paper, but is the reality a totally different story? Discover the Taurus and Libra compatibility score and find out if they work out in love.

"Taurus and Libra could have a beautiful relationship." 

Taurus and Libra compatibility score: 4/5

Two signs guided by Venus, planet of love. Both attracted to creativity and in search of balance within the couple, the family. Their intimate life is glowing. Taurus brings a practical sense to the relationship, which Libra personality lacks even though they have good intentions. Libra teaches Taurus how to imagine, to improvise and their love life could be explosive!

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Why Taurus and Libra could work out

Taurus brings a sense of order and organization into the free-spirited Libra's life. Libra is ready to make huge efforts and sacrifices for this relationship to work! Libra will bring a Taurus breath of freedom and fun into a Taurus' life and help them see the funny side of things! Although, Libra could end up finding Taurus a little too materialistic, which could create tension between them!

What makes them incompatible:

Taurus will sometimes find it difficult to understand Libra's mood and decisions. For your relationship to last you will have to learn to communicate more openly.

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Taurus and Libra sex life:

On a romantic and sensual level, you shouldn't encounter any problems. You both love engaging in wild pleasure and adore trying new things.

Love advice for this pair:

Ensure your love is equal!

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