What Does It Mean To Be A Cancer With Taurus Rising?

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Cancer sun Taurus rising, you're simple, warm and very attached to your home, your origins and your heritage. Your tastes are healthy, and you're very sensual, but you have a little trouble adapting to upheavals for which you're not made. You like routine without surprises. However, you have the need and the will to exchange ideas and even to have a certain influence on those close to you.

What Does It Mean To Be A Cancer With Taurus Rising?

Cancer sun Taurus rising: A well-rounded personality

Cancer sun Taurus rising, you have a fertile personality, in search of balance and serenity. You avoid power struggles, even if you sometimes give the impression of submission. Your gentle expression attracts people from all social and cultural backgrounds 😊. At times, you play a rewarding role in relation to your brothers and sisters, if you have any, or at other times, they play a particularly important role in your destiny.

You're sensitive, fair-minded, devoted to your family and dedicated to making your heritage more beautiful. You're fascinated by the beauty of natural, unadorned things. Likewise, you're used to a routine that suits you, and surprises always make you a little uncomfortable. Furthermore, you love nature, simplicity and healthy pleasures. Sensitive to beauty and voluptuousness, you're very sensual.

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Cancer sun Taurus rising in love and relationships

Your love life holds a special place in your life, and you're very good at making people love you. Your gentleness is not an illusion; you have tenderness and understanding in spades 👫. Tender-hearted and sentimental by nature, emotional balance is essential to you, and you're always on the lookout for a stable, lasting union.

Cancer sun Taurus rising, physical attraction plays a huge part in the relationship. You need to feel that constant thrill of being loved. Likewise, you express yourself emotionally and can be jealous of the other person's love. You must be careful not to impose exclusive behavior on your partner.

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What is Cancer sun Taurus rising like with their family?

It's at home, surrounded by your family and children, that you find your greatest satisfaction. Very protective, benevolent and reassuring, you are a real point of reference for those around you, whom you have the gift of gathering around you in a warm atmosphere 👪. You greatly appreciate routine and habits, and find it very difficult to change them.

How about with money and finances?

Well-positioned and thoughtful, you know how to listen and advise wisely. Very practical and somewhat materialistic, you make the most of your assets to ensure the comfort of your home and the future of your family. You're good at managing your assets and give priority to your family, but you're generous with everyone 💰. You're thrifty, but not stingy; you love to please and feel loved by your loved ones.

What are you like at work?

Cancer sun Taurus rising, you are determined, you leave nothing to chance, you have the ability to see all your actions and undertakings through to a successful conclusion. You know how to give yourself the means to do the job you want to do. You have a good memory, but you lack concentration 🧑‍💼. Furthermore, you learn more by listening to others than by studying. You have a lively and fertile imagination, great communication skills and a penchant for intellectual pursuits. A profession in the media would suit you particularly well, reporting or writing for newspapers, for example.

⭐ Which celebrities are Cancer sun Taurus rising? ⭐

Salvador Dalí

In conclusion...

Blending Earth and Water values, the Cancer native's personality is quite peaceful, yet original. The Taurus side makes Cancer more relaxed, more jovial. Less inclined to think the sky is falling. This ascendant guarantees a rich personal life.

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Cancer sun Taurus rising, a sensitive mixture

Cancer sun Taurus rising knows how to find the words to get you back on track with family and work life when your emotions throw you off. Especially as the alliance of the two signs will allow you to accumulate bits of good news in this area, despite a couple of light arguments. In effect, you have a remarkable talent in developing useful relationships thanks to your great sense of humor, which is foiled by Taurus ascendant’s natural empathy.

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