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Scorpio And Cancer Compatibility: ♥ The Perfect Love Match

This is a blessed association handcrafted by the gods! Even though, this pair risks exhausting themselves with emotions as deep as the sea, they understand each other so well and protect each other with such ardour and endurance. Their one negative point is their possessiveness of each other, so much so that it becomes difficult to separate them once they are together. Read on for more details on the Scorpio and Cancer compatibility and discover their love score.

"Scorpio and Cancer are a match made in heaven." 

Scorpio and Cancer compatibility score: 4/5

These two Water signs were made for the other!  As empathetic, hyper intuitive souls, they’re naturally on the same wave length! Their relationship will be sincere, deep and sensual. Scorpio is psychologically in tune with Cancer’s sensibility. What Cancer personality offers Scorpio is the ability to calm down when faced with stress. In love, they feel united by a magical force. Often, they feel like they belong to each other, which can be a bit possessive.

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Could Scorpio and Cancer have a successful relationship?

Both Scorpio and Cancer love straightforward relationships and crave a little bit of magic in their lives. Although on the down side of things, both these signs are jealous and feel the need to possess each other. Cancer is often childish and their immature behavior could set Scorpio off into a huge sequence of rage.

You both operate on instinct and one look, one gesture is enough to understand each other. Thus, your relationship can be very harmonious, especially if Cancer knows how to calm your anxieties.

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What could bring this couple down:

Although viable, you evolve in a bubbling relationship that can turn to the worst at any time. To make it work between you, communicate more, don't say anything unspoken and avoid confrontation!

Scorpio and Cancer's sex life:

You feel good around each other and you are made to experience great emotions.

Love advice for this pair:

Continue as you are.

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