What Does It Mean To Be A Taurus Sun With Scorpio Rising?

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Taurus sun Scorpio rising, you have a strong character, a sense of responsibility and are constantly striving to surpass yourself. You're idealistic by nature, often moving off the beaten track with a need to escape monotony and stand out from the crowd. You don't trust easily, you don't let yourself be influenced by others, and you take your time to analyze, dissect and understand before committing yourself.

What Does It Mean To Be A Taurus Sun With Scorpio Rising?
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Taurus sun Scorpio rising - A jealous and possessive personality

This combination limits sharing, in fact, you enjoy possessing people and objects, often leading to conflict situations. Seduction is your major asset to get what you want, and those who resist you are rare. You have instinct in your actions, often being at the right place at the right time. Managing your jealousy and authority is crucial to maintain a good atmosphere in your relational life.

Taurus sun Scorpio rising, your astrological configuration makes things easier in areas requiring patience and courage; you are well-equipped for significant projects. However, you are uncomfortable in climates where hypocrisy prevails. You are naturally inclined towards conciliation and fairness. Your emotional life will be predominant in comparison to your personal development, impacting all areas of your life 🥹. You possess an inherently sensitive nature that spontaneously turns you towards others, seeking harmony between beings. Depending on the education you received, it's all or nothing: you may have blockages related to the notion of refinement, occasionally pushing you towards the opposite!

Taurus sun Scorpio rising in love and relationships

Your sentimental path is not the simplest, and it is not rare to see you marked by your love affairs. Taurus sun Scorpio rising, you are passionate, secretive, exclusive, racy and whole, which means you are quickly prey to dissatisfaction, and you find it difficult to find a good match. When you are in a relationship, you are attentive, possessive and even jealous, plus you tend to want to control everything, just as you like to have a certain hold on your partner. Your relationship crystallizes around games of seduction, sexuality, strong emotions and stormy situations.👫

In love, you are highly possessive and jealous, tending to suffocate your partner. But when you commit, you give yourself entirely. Highly sensual, sexuality holds a significant place in the balance of your relationship. You are terribly exclusive, with your affairs, affections, and even ideas. Your somewhat animalistic sensuality makes you very attractive. You need a partner who matches you: sensual, open, tolerant, and affectionate. Under these conditions, you can relax, allow yourself to be loved, and fully flourish.

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What is Taurus sun Scorpio rising like with their family?

At home, you are an authoritative and charismatic patriarch who transmits a lot of dynamism. You try to set an example, doing everything for your loved ones to shine in their passions. You are generous and warm when in a good mood, but you can be very wrathful if your loved ones do not respect your will. Your loyalty knows no bounds, and you defend your loved ones to irrational extents if necessary, but your grudge will be eternal if you feel betrayed.

How about with money and finances?

Your professional life is full of surprises, changing directions due to your unexpected bursts of independence and freedom, leading you to flee the monotony of routine and create environments where you feel better again. Not particularly adept at carrying out concrete or too classical professional projects, your social evolution is variable. You are too idealistic to genuinely worry about it; you often remain detached from a genuinely personal ambition and prioritize humanistic or, at least, collective interests. 🧑‍💼

What are they like at work?

You have a great capacity for work, and you are as ambitious as you are combative. Thus, courageous, enterprising, voluntary, you do not flinch from anything to make your projects evolve. As someone who is both rational and intuitive, you have a good sense of observation, which allows you to be where you are least expected.

Taurus sun Scorpio rising, your business acumen can significantly enrich you, but you suffer from constant dissatisfaction. You have a taste for material or emotional possessions and a true gift for growing your capital and heritage. You generally spend wisely, and while you can be very generous, you always know the value of what you offer.

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In conclusion…

Driven by emotions and instincts, your desires are powerful. Very combative, determined, courageous, wholehearted, and often stubborn, you know what you want and get it, unable to tolerate failure. You tend to subject others to your will. Playful, open, dynamic, and epicurean, you love to enjoy the good things in life and share them. You are very loyal in friendship, but beware of anyone who betrays you.

While our zodiac signs are the most well-known parameter of astrology among the public, anyone that knows anything about astrology would testify that the ascendant sign is an equally important consideration for evaluating a personality. The ascendant is known to play a significant role in the development of character, along with having an influence on physical characteristics.

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Taurus sun Scorpio rising; an impulsive mixture

The duo of Scorpio and Taurus is an ambivalent one. Both intuitive and impulsive but also capable of being logical and pragmatic, you never fail to surprise your entourage. With your tendency to get worked up for nothing, it’s lucky that you can count on your Scorpio ascendant. Its down to earth nature helps you channel your energy!

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