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Scorpio And Sagittarius Compatibility: ♥ A Shaky Couple

At first, these two might well feel a real fascination for each other, but this is likely to blow over fairly quickly. One cherishes confidentiality and cultivates mystery (Scorpio), whereas the other is quite ingenuous and doesn't bother with any secrets (Sagittarius)! Sagittarius will find Scorpio too complicated for their taste, and Scorpio not complicated enough! Read on for more details on the Scorpio and Sagittarius compatibility and discover their love score.

"Scorpio and Sagittarius are a real mismatch." 

Scorpio and Sagittarius compatibility score: 1/5

Scorpio is known for their pessimism and anti-establishment ways that they love to question and analyze. On the other hand, Sagittarius personality is happy to be alive, optimistic, and respects the conventions set out by society. Here we have two polar-opposites! Should these two come to some sort of sexual understanding, it can be like fireworks, but other than this, they’re practically enemies in every way possible. Sagittarius finds Scorpio depressing and anxious, while Scorpio finds Sagittarius average and superficial. The truth is there’s not much hope here.

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Could Scorpio and Sagittarius have a successful relationship?

Sagittarius and Scorpio’s relationship could end in all-out war and dispute; they don’t make great friends or romantic partners. Their personalities are too different and neither of them is ready to make the sacrifices necessary for their relationship to blossom. They make better enemies than partners. Sagittarius brings you the optimism you lack and Scorpio in turn encourages Sagittarius to focus on asking the right questions. In this way, your story allows you to move forward together.

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What could bring this couple down:

With two fiery, passionate, impulsive personalities together, your relationship may be spicy, but it can quickly turn toxic, so learn to tolerate yourself!

Scorpio and Sagittarius' sex life:

The feeling passes and you won't have any problems on this side! Besides, your relationship will look like a geyser of emotions.

Love advice for this pair:

Stick to a sexual relationship.

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