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Scorpio And Aquarius Compatibility: ♥ A Complicated Couple

If one is a master of detachment (Aquarius), the other is an expert in lasting bonds and is extremely possessive (Scorpio), ! The independence and demand for freedom of Aquarius will be painful for Scorpio, who is looking for prolonged fusion and intimacy. Concessions and compromises will have to made if this relationship is to last for more than an month. Read on for more details on the Scorpio and Aquarius compatibility and discover their love score.

"Scorpio and Aquarius are poles apart emotionally." 

Scorpio and Aquarius compatibility score: 3/5

These signs are completely different! At work, Scorpio and Aquarius personality can get on easily when they exchange ideas. It’s a bit more complicated with emotional relationships, be it as family members, friends, or lovers. Aquarius, an independent person, doesn’t stand for emotional exclusivity. They love everyone! For this reason, Scorpio is frustrated in their desire for a united bond. As a couple, sensual exchanges are important for Scorpio, while in an Aquarius’ mind, intellectual exchanges are preferable. Aquarius will back away slowly if they feel suffocated by Scorpio!

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Could Scorpio and Aquarius have a successful relationship?

Jealousy on Scorpio’s behalf could invade this duo and push them apart. Scorpio will have a hard time dealing with the sociable Aquarius’ nature and won’t hold back on letting Aquarius know. Scorpio loves searching for answers, but will soon learn that Aquarius isn’t the best person to play this game with them. Overall, their main problem is that Scorpio wants more but Aquarius is incapable of giving.

You make quite the couple and you won't go unnoticed! And yes, you'll be in a constant state of turmoil and your relationship will be nourished by absolutes, idealism and originality.

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What could bring this couple down:

You don't obey the same codes at all, and in fact, you will sometimes have a hard time finding each other. Thus, your relationship can turn sour very quickly!

Scorpio and Aquarius' sex life:

Between deep sensitivity and vaporous cerebrality, it's hard to meet in the middle!

Love advice for this pair:

Reassure each other.

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