Welcome To Scorpio Season... Things Are About To Get Intense

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Starting on October 23, things are about to take a twist. Here, we are in the process of leaving the gentle vibes of Libra. In other words, we're about to dive headfirst into the deep and intense waters of Scorpio season ♏. It's time to get ready for transformations, my dear friends!

Welcome To Scorpio Season... Things Are About To Get Intense

A time for transformation

We were comfortably settled into autumn with the season of Libra, and now, as the temperatures drop and the atmosphere turns more somber, it's the perfect backdrop for the ruler of this season: mystery, complexity, and self-reflection are on the agenda. This season particularly focuses on introspection. During the previous season, the influences of Libra encouraged us to ponder how we could align with our desires.

The zodiac sign of Scorpio is no stranger to introspection, self-reinvention, and turning things around, and these energies are extending to the entire zodiac this time. Each one of us is about to complete a cycle. Spoiler alert: it won't be a walk in the park 🫣! Few people enjoy it when a chapter closes. But if you manage to turn the page with finesse, the result could be astounding. In other words, the more you work on yourself, question your desires, needs, capabilities, etc., the more powerful the liberation that follows will be. A page is turning, but the next chapter will be epic 📖!

Scorpio season and introspection

Self-reflection can be unsettling, but let's not forget that Scorpio is a sign known for enduring challenges and emerging stronger. You'll come out of this period more liberated and more powerful, in tune with yourself.

And let's not forget about death ☠️

A topic that doesn't scare Scorpios. They're used to rebirths, and it's during their season that we celebrate the deceased. During this period, it's essential to embrace the concept of death. If Scorpio possesses such powerful regenerative abilities, it's because they face the end head-on. Celebrating our departed loved ones not only honors their memory but also allows us to shed the weight of the past. Introspection work should serve this purpose too. Accepting that something must end, expressing gratitude, and moving on. With Scorpio, there's no half-measure; they deconstruct to rebuild, it's a creative energy that propels us forward without being hindered by the past.

4 Tips for a successful Scorpio season 🧑‍🏫

1. Choose yourself 

As we've seen, Scorpio Season is a time for introspection and returning to oneself. It's the ideal moment to choose yourself and ask what you truly want for yourself. This is especially important if you're not typically one to act in your own favor. But with Scorpio's influence, it's time to question ourselves so that we can rise, become a better version of ourselves, and return freer and stronger for the ones we love.

2. Embrace the sexiness

We all know that Scorpio is also the sign of passionate love, not to mention raw sensuality. Under the influence of this sign, we shed our fears and, more importantly, our taboos, rediscovering the sexiest aspects of ourselves.

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3. Listen to your intuition 

Scorpio is highly intuitive; it's the one that listens to the little voice in its head, but most importantly, the one in its heart. At crossroads, it's time to ponder which path your heart beats the fastest for. And if you feel that it's the right path, that's a win! So, don't hesitate to listen to yourself, genuinely, even if it means daring to say 'no' when you don't feel it.

4. Purify your environment 

Finally, what's better to accompany this significant moment of regeneration and renewal than purifying your space with White Sage? By ridding yourself of stagnant energies, you prepare for the transformations that await you during Scorpio season. The end of autumn will usher in Sagittarius' energies. This period will focus more on pleasure and the joy of living, but to fully enjoy it, you must first mourn and let go of what's burdening you. That's why it's crucial to actively work on absorbing Scorpio Season's influences.

Susan Taylor’s insights: Towards a better life

This time of year is unique because it marks a fresh start and a desire for transformation, but it tends to shake us up a lot. Self-questioning is not uncommon during this month. It's not always easy to move forward, choose a direction, and take the plunge. That's why I recommend a spiritual guidance session to silence your doubts. You'll come out of it feeling calm and confident. The future is yours!. 

If you have questions about your future, if you need answers, don't hesitate to make an appointment with one of our psychics. They will enlighten you about your future with great attention.

- The future is mine -

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