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Gemini and Libra compatibility: ♥ A Glamourous Couple

This duo marks the coming together of two experts of communication. Each of them shares a taste for storytelling and adventure, which boosts their compatibility. Together, you make up magical stories and dream of living a fairytale life away from all the stresses of reality! Your gifts of communication will help you power through any obstacles you may come across. Discover the compatibility score of Gemini and Libra and whether or not they have a future together.

"Gemini and Libra master the art of talking!" 

Gemini and Libra compatibility score: 3/5

Given that they’re both Air signs, the rapport is carefree and playful. Two artists come to mind! As they’re both not prone to worrying, they can start projects without feeling held back by fear. Gemini is a free character, who loves chatting and goofing around, while Libra’s happy and carefree demeanor will get them through hard times. They should count on flexibility in times when Gemini can’t commit to a Libra personality who has marriage on the mind.

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Why Gemini and Libra work out

A problem could derail this couple's happiness; infidelity! Gemini will have a hard time committing to a serious relationship, whereas Libra needs a stable relationship and even marriage to be happy. To make their relationship a success, both Gemini and Libra need to become flexible and work towards a common goal. It's clear that between you exchanges will go well and you won't have communication problems. So you can get along perfectly and form a wonderful couple.

What makes them incompatible:

Both of you are casual and your relationship will be a little too laidback and chilled out as a consequence. Boundaries need to be set from the start, if not your moods could cause you problems moving forward.

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Gemini and Libra sex life:

Although the sexual exchanges will be frequent, you don't have the same expectations at all and on the sex side, your relationship will flop!

Love advice for this pair:

Be flexible and willing to change.

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