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Gemini horoscope 2019: An Optimistic Year Awaits You, Gemini!

Dear Gemini friends, prepare yourself for an excellent year in every area of your life. Of course, there will be some ups and downs along the way in 2019, but overall things look very inspiring for you. Gemini 2019 is going to be one you will never forget and your attitude towards life will evolve in the most special way. You can look forward to a year full of possibilities in that Gemini horoscope 2019 will reveal in great detail; your yearly horoscope awaits!

Gemini 2019 horoscope:

Gemini 2019 horoscope is set to be a very exciting one! Gemini, your 2019 will be full of important life changes and will encourage you to relentlessly chase your dreams. 2019 is going to be the year you truly follow your heart Gemini and a time to expand on your ambitions and amazing ideas. Gemini, don’t let anything hold you back in 2019 because it’s YOUR year and you deserve success. As for your relationships, Gemini, you can’t afford to forget about your partner if you want to ensure your relationship flourishes over the next 12 months. Check out your Chinese horoscope 2019 and weekly horoscope for more essential insights. Follow the Moon in our Lunar calendar 2019 for more vital information.

Your ascendant sign also plays an important role in your year and influences your life events. Figure out your ascendant with our rising sign calculator.

Gemini horoscope 2019
Gemini horoscope 2019:
Yearly predictions ratings:
Gemini 2019:
Gemini love horoscope 2019:
Gemini career horoscope:
Gemini compatibility in 2019:
Gemini + Pisces
Best month:
Worst month:


Gemini 2019: Yearly horoscope astrology insights by month

Discover what 2019 holds for the Gemini zodiac sign in our yearly horoscope month to month breakdown. Which months of 2019 will be the best for the Gemini star sign and which will be the worst? Our horoscope predictions reveal all. Discover the luckiest month for each zodiac sign.

2019 Months:
What's in store for Gemini?:
Astrology rating:


Things are heating up in love!


Your toughest month...


Focus on your relationships.


Your positive energy will lead to good surprises.


You'll isolate yourself...


Tough time for your finances.


Embrace your freedom.


Love is melting your heart.


Career success is in sight.


Your positive is inspiring.


A great month for relationships.


Time to be proud of yourself.


Gemini 2019 yearly video predictions:


Gemini horoscope 2019: Make your dreams come true!

Gemini horoscope 2019

Gemini 2019 is going to be a memorable one full of outstanding and joyous moments. Gemini friends, you will finally decide to take control of your life in 2019 and really listen to your heart and deepest desires; kiss goodbye to doing things you don’t like. At work, despite a difficult start to the year, things will start to change from April, when you will be able to rediscover the curiosity and the desire you have to make important changes. Gemini, your routine will start to get you down towards the middle of the yea, but don’t lose heart. On a romantic level, your relationship will be put to the test and you will have an important decision to make.

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Summer 2019: Gemini horoscope

Summer 2019: Gemini horoscope

Summer 2019 is set to be a successful one according to the Gemini horoscope predictions. Gemini, your love life will be full of passion, excitement and sensuality throughout summer 2019. Unexpected expenses could get you down this summer 2019 period, meaning you’ll have to pay attention to your spending habits. You have great intuition and are always able to find the best and most lucrative opportunities for you. Exciting opportunities will come your way this summer 2019, it’s up to you to make the most of them. End the summer 2019 by getting your friends together for night of partying.



Gemini love horoscope 2019: A year of instability

Gemini love horoscope

Gemini horoscope 2019 indicates that Gemini’s love life will be very rocky this year. If you are in a relationship, doubts and misunderstandings will rear their ugly head at the beginning of the year. You will need to take time out for yourself this year in order to evaluate and understand what you really want out of life. August will be a special month for you because you will finally be able to find the desired balance in your relationship. As for single Geminis, they can expect to meet some compatible new love matches and could even fall in love!


Gemini career 2019: Professional success is guaranteed

Gemini career horoscope

The first months of the year you will be difficult for your professional life. Gemini, at the start of Gemini 2019 you’ll struggle concentrating on your tasks and responsibilities at work. Gemini 2019 horoscope will be complicated from a financial point of view too, which means you’ll have to be very careful, especially with regards to your expenses. However, once you have regained the pace, you will work hard to achieve your goals and will climb the career ladder. You aren't afraid to get your hands dirty and your superiors are watching you in admiration. 2019 will teach Geminis how to manage their time at work.


Health horoscope 2019 Gemini: Stay determined

Health horoscope Gemini

Despite some occasional ailments, you will be full of energy in 2019. It is likely that you will need to look for a new hobby to occupy your free time, since you do not like having too much spare time on your hands and constantly need to be on the move. The beginning of the year will be difficult for you because you will feel the desire to take your foot off the gas and start taking things a little too easy. The key to your success is trusting yourself and your skills; if you follow our astrological advice, everything will be just fine!


Horoscope 2020: What does 2020 have in store for Gemini?

Gemini 2020 horoscope

In 2020, you will have important decisions to make; Gemini and these decisions really can’t be made lightly. If you feel lost in 2020, don’t panic too much because the stars want the best for you and will help guide you to the right path, all you need to do is have faith and follow your intuition.


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hi im ruchira beginning of the year was not good for me but in futher months is there some sign of hope for me in coming months.

I am Namrata 7-6-63 I want my luck to be favour me and earn money. Pls suggest me

I’m Gemini.. beginning of year was so great.. but as days are passing by things are getting worse and worse. Things were so good in matter of love last year and beginning of this year but now everything is going downhill. I don’t know what to do it breaks my heart.

Rimpi, exactly my horoscope... :(

Gemini horoscope. Monthly horoscope. Expecting to fall in love. Can someone expect to fall in love. You are in love or not. Kind regards. Emina.

DOB 9 june 1987 wants,to know about my married life will continue or not .there are tooo much problems misunderstanding betweeen us

Seek counseling. Try to figure out what the root of the problem is.

Funny.. my husband asked for a divorce this month. So sorry you're struggling dear.

dear gemini....we r dual personslity ...as we r gemini so...be gentle n...be good...do not let bad twin ruin out...thts one is vry naughty twin we all hve with

Right now I am jobless. Shall I get a job. My date of birth is 07/12/1949. As per Indian astrology my sign is gemenine. Please give me a reply. Thanks.



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