Leo 2022 Horoscope: Leave Nothing To Chance

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2022 will awaken your ambitions, dear Leo friends! That being said, you will hesitate when faced with the desire for change and the temptation to make a move... This year, you are beginning to see things differently and are considering the possibility of a total life overhaul, yet doubts and uncertainties are holding you back. For more insights into what's to come, read Susan Taylor's Leo horoscope 2022.

Leo 2022 Horoscope: Leave Nothing To Chance
Leo yearly horoscope contents:

Astrology 2022 will be a very important year for Leo; it will be one of transition and the beginning of a path that will end in 2023. Professionally, there will be many pressures, and it will not be easy to understand what choices to make, although, the secret is to follow your instinct, even if it means going against the advice of family or friends.


Leo horoscope 2022: What's in store?Leo 2022 horoscope

In 2022, Saturn and Uranus are still influencing your ambitions. On the one hand, Saturn gives you structure but sometimes, when faced with the desire for change and the outstretched poles, he plays the killjoy. On the other hand, Uranus makes your mouth water but does not always keep his promises. Fortunately, thanks to Jupiter in Aries from May 11 to October 28, you will go ahead with your projects, whilst filled with bright optimism.

In Leo 2022, you must rely on your experience and trust your potential in order not to miss out on opportunities for development. In 2022, if you want to succeed in certain changes of course and various collaborations, you need a good dose of patience, finesse, and tact. Don't rush into anything, but show your goodwill once you have made your decision!


Leo 2022 love horoscope

Leo 2022 love horoscope

Hesitations that began in 2021 may still be present in 2022, but this year should allow you to decide whether you want to commit to someone or not. During certain months, such as January, June, late July, and early November, you will be too busy with your own activities and won’t find the time to invest in romance. The months of March, May, August, and October are particularly rich in passion and if you are single, you can count on a passionate and powerful encounter. 


If you are in a relationship, you will gently introduce the necessary changes to improve your fluidity and perfect your happiness.

Leo's friendships and home life in 2022

Leo's friendships

According to your 2022 zodiac predictions, you’ll start the year off with a fierce desire to defend your clan, and may even need to play referee when it comes to restoring peace. In April, friendship will be honored, but you feel a little overwhelmed by your family responsibilities and will need to be patient! In July, you can count on your private cocoon, both your friends and your tribe, to bring you comfort and encouragement. In August, you’ll celebrate life by sharing special moments with your family and spreading tenderness. Throughout September, October, and December, you’ll do everything possible for your loved ones and nothing will be too good for your children.  

Astrologist Susan Taylor

Astrologist Susan Taylor's advice for Leo:

'Leo friends, you may fall out with some friends, but on the whole, you will experience lots of happiness within your friendships. Even if drama and arguments occur, stay true to yourself and stand up for your views.'

Leo 2022 career horoscope 

Leo 2022 career horoscope

Based on your astrological predictions for 2022, Uranus stimulates your ambitions and makes your mouth water, but Saturn hinders your possibilities. As a result, you still have to deal with this contradictory tendency in 2022, although it is less marked than the previous year. Moreover, Jupiter in Aries from May 11 to October 28 and thus well-connected to your sign reinforces your chances of success. 


You should therefore have confidence in your potential so as not to miss out on any opportunities for development. If you want to succeed in certain changes of direction and collaborations, use patience and tact.


🌟 Leo, are you looking for true love & happiness? 🌟


Leo 2022 health horoscope Leo health horoscope

In your predictions for 2022, Neptune and Jupiter offer you an amazing sense of intuition which, combined with your logical mind, allows you to thwart all tricks from January to mid-May and in November. Saturn and Uranus will tug at your heartstrings between your desires and opportunities throughout the course of the year and this will sometimes discourage you, but overall, you will be in great shape. However, you can expect to lack vibrancy in April, July, late October and November, although, Jupiter will keep your spirits high during the second half of the year.  

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The most influential planets in Leo 2022 horoscope

According to Susan's 2022 predictions, 4 planets will play an important role in Leo 2022, and they are:

  • Pluto prevents you from hiding and encourages you to improve your conditions.
  • Saturn and Uranus sometimes dampen your enthusiasm.
  • Jupiter offers you good luck and success from mid-May to the end of October.  


Leo yearly horoscope predictions: Month by month analysis

January: ⭐⭐
Things are progressing quickly
You can expect to be busy
March: ⭐ ⭐ 
You know what you want
April: ⭐ ⭐
Great work
May: ⭐⭐
Seize happiness
A fabulous month!
July: ⭐ 
Change is coming
August: ⭐ 
Expect stress at work
September: ⭐⭐
Hard work is paying off
October: ⭐⭐
You're in good shape!
The battle isn't over
December: ⭐ ⭐
You'll have a permanent smile

The luckiest month in the Leo 2022 horoscope is May!

May is going to be a radiant month. From the 3rd, Venus of Fire brings bright hues to your love life. There is passion in your impulses, you are looking for stimulating relationships. If you are single, you can count on an additional boost from Jupiter from the 11th. For you, the arrival of Jupiter in Aries on the 11th is a shower of positive waves. !

Best month of 2022

For you, the arrival of Jupiter in Aries on the 11th is a flurry of positive waves.


How was 2021 for Leo?

Here's what Susan Taylor announced for Leo in 2021, leave us a comment below and tell us how your year went.

2021 required a lot of patience due to sudden upheavals. Even so, you had enough determination to bounce back and turn situations to your advantage. You had fun in love and survived the professional challenge you came up against.

So, what does 2023 hold for you?

In 2023, you will feel freer to act and follow your own path. Saturn will stop restraining you, and you will experience a new sense of freedom. Up until May, Jupiter will praise your expansion in all areas of life. Then, unfortunately, he will make you a little too greedy for wealth and expansion. 

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* Literature Source: The New International EPHEMERIDES 1900 - 2050, Author; Francis SANTONI, Published in June 1994 and available here: Amazon - The New International EPHEMERIDES 1900 - 2050

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