Nostradamus 2023: The Year He Predicted The World Will End!

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Nostradamus is renowned for the accuracy of his age-old predictions. His forecasts are prophecies and are said to announce huge worldwide changes that will impact the global population. If you are curious about what he predicted for this year, you are in the right place! Be prepared to discover some troubling events that are set to take the world by storm and revolutionize our lives. Strap in tight, because we're about to make some troubling discoveries for 2023.

Nostradamus 2023: The Year He Predicted The World Will End!

Who was Nostradamus?

His real name was Michael de Nôtre-Dame, and he was a French doctor and astrologer. He contributed his knowledge during the plague, famous for his prophecies in which he anticipated the future of humanity until the end of the world. Interestingly enough, he predicted the end of the world to come about in the year, 3797. He perhaps most famously also predicted the attack on the Twin Towers. For centuries and right up until nowadays, his prophecies are studied around the world and announce the events that are to come. 

Why is 2023 a crucial year for Nostradamus?

Over the years, his predictions have often been associated with important events that have occurred in the world. Indeed, many people believe that Nostradamus has predicted the future and that his predictions have proven to be accurate. According to some of his prophecies, 2023 will be a very important year. In fact, this year, he even predicted the end of the world, however, it should be noted that he didn’t specify an exact date.

Nostradamus' predictions 2023 - 5 Things he anticipated

We hate to break it to you, but Nostradamus' predictions for 2023 aren't very positive. 

1. World War 3

Russia's entry into Ukraine caused many conflicts, according to Nostradamus. He believed that the uproar would escalate further and could even become the Third World War. He went on to state that many people would die of malice during the months ahead.

2. A change in religious leaders

Nostradamus predicted that Pope Francis would resign in 2023 and that a dangerous looking individual would replace him. The prediction indicates that Peter the Roman will feed his followers through many trials. After that, the city of seven hills will be destroyed by a terrifying judge who will judge the people.

3. The world will come to a burning end

The astrologer predicted a "heavenly fire over the royal building". This indicates that the world will change dramatically, and could potentially bring things to a painful end for all of us.

4. New world order

According to Nostradamus’ predictions for 2023, a "new world order" will be established, and it will involve a man and a woman joining forces. The bad news is that the coalition won’t last very long.

5. Outer space will be explored

He believed that 2023 could bring a significant increase in space exploration. The astrologer wrote that a light would fall on Mars, opening the possibility for humans to visit the fourth planet from the sun by 2023.

Nostradamus and Queen Elizabeth II - Did he predict her death?

Yes, he did! According to 'The Complete Prophecies for the Future' book in which his visions were all prescribed, Nostradamus successfully predicted that Queen Elizabeth II would die around 2022, at the age of approximately 96! He also went on to reveal that Harry would be the one to take the throne after the abdication of Charles III, meaning Queen Elizabeth's death will cause major changes in the monarchy. The reason for Charles' future abdication would be, according to the predictions, his advanced age. As for William, the predictions evoke an "incapacity" that would send his brother on the throne until the young George is old enough to be king.

Nostradamus predictions 2023 Charles - What he saw for King Charles III

Nostradamus predicted that King Charles' reign would be very short and that he would soon abdicate. He also speculated about the term "King of the Isles," used in one of his prophetic poems. Meaning that by the beginning of King Charles III's reign, much of the Commonwealth will have broken up, leaving the kingdom confined to the British Isles. He also predicted that Prince Harry will become king, evoking that a man who never hoped to be king will ascend the throne. According to him, it is an incapacity of William - of which he does not specify the cause - which would lead to the coronation of the father of Archie and Lilibet.

Susan Taylor’s insights: Are you worried about what's to come?

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- The future is mine -

- Now that you know what Nostradamus has seen for this year, consult your horoscope 2023 for even more insights. You might also like: Baba Vanga Predictions: What's Ahead For 2023?

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