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I’m Pisces rising Cancer, and my earliest experience with spirituality occurred when I handled my first pendulum. I've always been aware of the forces that surround us and the energies present, and that’s probably why the first that interest me most are Reiki, auras, and guardian angels... Readers, welcome to my world.

Madison Carter, Web Editor For My.Astrofame

A little bit about me…

As a Pisces rising Cancer, the least we can say is that I know how to listen to my emotions and the world around me. Naturally, I've always been drawn to mystical worlds and, more broadly, to all things spiritual. Unfortunately, it wasn't until my near-death experience that I decided to look at life differently. It was then that I decided to do something more constructive and in line with my desires. So, I quit my job as a sales representative to take a course in animal communication. There, I had the opportunity to exchange ideas and learn from some wonderful people. At this time in my life, I want to show you the way and share what I know with you. At the same time, I really enjoy researching various subjects that arouse my curiosity, including guardian angels, mirror hours, and dream analysis.

I guess you could say I'm a sunny, empathetic and open-minded person. Courageous and determined, I like to receive those little signs from the Universe, especially when I sometimes lose confidence. I listen to his message, I feel supported, and I know that if I want to get what I want, I'll have to act in concert with him. This is also what I try to make everyone understand in my articles. The Universe, the guardian angels, your guides are there, they're watching over you, trying to support you, but everyone has to do their part too 🙏.

Training: Animal communication
Experience: 10 years
Profession: Spirituality editor
Skills: Animal communication

Keep leaving comments under the articles because I love reading your feedback and impressions.

Why did I go down the spirituality route?

At first, I think I became interested in subjects like oracles, tarot cards, and even stones, at a time when I was in search of answers that I couldn't find elsewhere. If a boyfriend didn't call, a family quarrel broke out, or I was having trouble finding a new apartment, I would turn to these spiritual tools to try to calm myself down and clear my doubts. As time went by, what was just a tool, became more and more important in my life. I gradually decided to open up and started to understand that I had a place in the Universe and, above all, that spirituality enabled me to find meaning in my life. Where I was caught up in a professional and social life that no longer enriched me so much as swallowed me up and overwhelmed me, connecting to something greater than myself refocused me. Thanks to the various spiritual subjects I was discovering and studying, I was creating my own beliefs, discovering myself, and, above all, finding inner peace and balance I'd never encountered before.

Precious stones

Stones are a great help in my daily life.

Some fun facts about me!

It's not easy to talk about yourself, but it's a good exercise... I hope these few answers will help you learn more about me.

  • What you might find in your purse: My purse contains my stone of protection.
  • A place I love: I like to be alone in my office. It's soberly decorated, but with the objects I love most, and I always make sure it's energetically cleansed. This way, there are always good vibes inside, and it's the place where I'm most at peace, totally myself and serene.
  • Favorite time: The morning. And even early morning. When everything is still, quiet and the field of possibilities is vast. This is the time I choose to draw my cards, meditate, or simply read or take care of myself. This moment rarely lasts more than an hour, but it belongs to me alone.
  • Favorite dish: Pizza 🍕! I'd love to tell you that I like things more delicate and complex, but for me, nothing beats a good, comforting pizza. Plus, with it, you can vary the pleasures!
  • Background on my phone: A photo of the sunrise. You can see the sun's rays beginning to dawn, and even if this photo isn't exceptional, there's something about it that touches me.
  • My main character trait? Open-mindedness
  • My favorite quality in a man? Empathy
  • What do I appreciate most in my friends? Their ability to listen
  • My main weakness? Lack of organization
  • Where would I like to live? Italy
  • My favorite color? Green
  • The flower I like? The poppy
  • My dream of happiness? To look forward more often than backward
  • What would I like to be? The same with more and more enriching experiences.

Thanks for reading,

With love, Madison 😘

And, if you would like to contact me for a reading, please feel free to make an appointment.

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