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2021 Numerology: Our Predictions By Life Path Number

The time has come for each life path to discover their 2021 Numerology predictions. This is a '5 year', which is pivotal in numerology and symbolizes a period of intense transition and great changes. Find out what it holds in store for you based on your personal year. Our expert; Charlotte Davis reveals her exclusive, free 2021 Numerology predictions! What will this exciting year hold for you? Will it be a lucky one? Discover what the numbers reveal for your life path number and journey!

- Year 5 will encourage people to discover a new sense of freedom and liberty. It's a time for discovering new passions and living exciting adventures -


What is Numerology?

Numerology is based on universal numbers; for example 2021 is known as the 5 year (2 + 0 + 2 + 1 =14) (14 = 1+4 = 5) as well as your own personal life path number. These numbers are used to look into your future and reveal what awaits you in terms of your destiny! Read your Numerology relationship predictions for 2021.

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2021: Numerology year 5

During numerology year 5 (2021), we often feel freer and more able to make the changes that we have been thinking about for a long time. We will pursue new initiatives and could even feel like we are growing wings! Curiosity and desire for freedom will be present, as will the desire to go beyond our limits.

The year 5 will reveal our small weaknesses and test us with temptations. It's as if we want to free ourselves from our taboos,  and what weighed us down last year. The unexpected and the adventure will disturb our daily lives. It's likely that we will discover a new environment and feel more in tune with ourselves. Although, we must be careful with our impatience and excesses...

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Free 2021 Numerology predictions by life path - Click on your path

Read your numerology predictions and discover what the year has in store for you! Click on your life path number below.

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Numerology life path 9

Life Path number 1: Take control

After a quiet year of 2020, you decide in 2021 to move on and make some changes in your life to fit your deepest aspirations and your true nature. Your destiny is in your hands and you know it better than anyone else. There will is no longer be any question of lamenting your fate or waiting wisely. One thing is certain this year, you won't be bored!

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Life path number 2: Time to mature

You'll continue on your way, quietly, without asking yourself too many questions and without giving in to doubts. You have understood that torturing your mind does you no good and prevents you from moving forward. This year, you are calmer, more mature and more serene. You finally know who you are and what you really want deep down inside. From the summer onwards, thanks to the precious advice of your loved ones, you'll try a few new things and take another step forward.

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Life path number 3: You know what you want

This year, you'll rolling up your sleeves and be more determined than ever to achieve your personal and professional goals. Nothing and no one intimidates you, you expose your ideals and projects without blinking in front of an audience that is not always won over. Once your priorities have been defined, you set to work without counting your hours or your fatigue. As you can see, all the signals are green, it's a certainty, 2021 will see your wildest plans come true.

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Life path number 4: There’s no time for indecisiveness

You base every choice you ever make on stable, concrete values. Everything you do is thought through meticulously and logic is your best friend. As a result, your energy and more imaginative ideas can sometimes be restricted by your strict set of moral values. Little will happen in the first part of 2021, but rest assured that your efforts from the first six months will undoubtedly pay off.

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Life path number 5: In the midst of transformation

The more the months go by and the more you feel an intense need to change your life. At least, to change what no longer suits you or brings you nothing. This transition will be greatly beneficial to you, throw out everything that is getting in your way. Your biggest challenge will be to silence the doubts and uncertainties that gnaw at you from within and prevent you from moving forward. This is the year of all possibilities, it is up to you to break the codes and impose your rules!

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Life path number 6: A period for reflecting

You'll do a lot of thinking this year, whether it be about your relationships, your professional life, or even your role in society. You feel that you are evolving but many question marks remain and you don't know what to think about them or where to start. Fortunately, as the months go by, your points of view become more refined and evolve, and they will have astonishing results. As you will have understood, in 2021 reflection comes before action, there's no question of rushing head first into action.

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Life path number 7: Look to the future

The first trimester is going to be tricky, but fortunately it doesn't last. Spring is promising and allows you to put in place certain essential changes in your life. No need to hurry, you must think about what can give more meaning to your life and allow you to blossom. You take a step back to reflect better and even come out of the boxes of old abandoned projects. By looking at things from a different angle, you'll find new solutions.

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Life path number 8 in 2021: Show the world what you're made of

You'll be particularly fierce and enthusiastic this year, nothing and no one can stop you in your mad rush. You need to show what you are capable of, you don't hesitate to show off and prove to the world that you are worth it. It's a great year for your activities and your career. You'll take a significant step forward and can expect a change of position, more responsibility, a salary increase... anything is possible.

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Life path number 9: Look after number one

In 2021, you have an appointment with yourself. The time has come for introspection and big existential questions. It is a great inner plunge that lies ahead, a pilgrimage that will allow you to find yourself again and to decide what makes you truly happy. It is a gentle metamorphosis, an opportunity to put aside your resentments and bitterness and turn towards a more serene future. Make the most of your reflections.

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By Charlotte Davis

Numerology expert - With over 30 years experience in the Numerology field, I know everything there is to know about this domain. My goal is to enlighten you and to lead you to the best path possible.

Numerology expert - With over 30 years experience in the Numerology field, I know everything there is to know about this domain. My goal is to enlighten you and to lead you to the best path possible.

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