Numerology Relationships: Get Your Love Predictions For 2022

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2022 is a 6 year in Numerology, which symbolizes change, accomplishment, and transformation, especially with regard to relationships and romance. Are you wondering what’s in store for your life path number when it comes to relationships and love? In order to unveil your predictions, all you need to do is add up your date of birth and read about what awaits you. We've got our calculator at the ready for you, so why not try it out and be prepared for every eventuality!


To find out if 2022 will be full of love and passion for your life path number, use our Numerology number calculator, plus discover the meaning of numbers in Numerology.

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Numerology relationships for 2022 - Click on your life path number for Charlotte's predictions for your love life:

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Life path number 1 love life: Things are back on track

Your desire to put yourself out there has been reignited, and you benefit greatly from the advice and company that you receive from your new friendships. You’ll be fulfilled by both romance and the care of your loved ones. If tensions arise, and they most certainly will, make sure to confront the issue head on- life’s too short to hold a grudge! As for singletons, you’ll hit the ground running in 2022. You’ve seemingly mastered the art of seduction overnight, so get out there and put your charms to the test.

Life path number 2: Balance is key

Your social life will get a revamp in 2022. You’ll reach out to new people with the aim of being guided and better understood. Some relationships form naturally, so sit back, relax, and enjoy where your life is right now. If things do get rocky, your drive and sensitivity should resolve the situation quickly. For singletons, your mission is to find a balance between your head and your heart. You’ll undoubtedly find your soulmate as long as you keep a clear mind and don’t let your emotions cloud your judgement.

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Life path number 3: New adventures

Thanks to hard work, drive, and a little luck, you’ll put your best abilities on show in the new year. You consider expanding your social circle, but a plan of action really isn’t necessary- you can win anyone over with a handful of sentences. As well as making new friendships, you make an effort to reconnect with family members and friends that you feel you’ve neglected lately. As for singletons, you’ll enjoy single life more than ever this year- as far as you’re aware, the more freedom the better!

Life path number 4: Tough choices

You’ll cut ties with those that drag you down and replace them with people that only want the best for you. The pressure of remolding a social circle can be wearing, but you maintain the status quo and feel the benefits soon after. There will be times when fatigue takes it toll, but there’s nothing that quality time with the family can’t heal. If you happen to be single, the year might get off to a slow start, and you’ll feel like your life isn’t getting anywhere, but stay strong- you’ll meet someone in the latter half of the year that could become a lot more important than you initially thought.

Life path number 5: Ups and downs

It might be a difficult revelation to come to, but you’ll realize early in the year that you’re never going to progress if you continue to surround yourself with people that hold you back. If a friend wants to keep you in their life then it’s them that has to make an effort- you’re someone that has to be kept on their toes and those that fail to stimulate you simply won’t make the cut.  

Life path number 6: Ups and downs

Your social circle will undergo quite a transformation in 2022; whether good or bad is yet to be seen. You’re a hard worker, but also have a tendency to be a little naïve, which can occasionally lead to others using your skills for their own benefit. It’s for this reason that you’ll need to delve deeper into how you define a friend and consequently give your friendship group a shakeup. As for singletons, it’s essential that you know exactly what you want from a relationship before you throw yourself in at the deep end.

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Life path number 7: Ask the tough questions

As a part of this self-interrogation, you’ll come to question the basis of many of your friendships and how much they really bring to your life. You’ll realize that you’ve neglected your loved ones lately, so make an active effort to be present and listen to their needs. Your relationship with your partner will also be put under the microscope, so make sure you’re both on the same page or risk a gulf forming between you.

Life path number 8: Give it your all

You have the bit between your teeth, and it’s clear to see. Those around you have no other option but to support you in your quest to reach the top- if they can keep up, that is. You might be working hard in the office, but that doesn’t mean your family take a backseat. You’ll still always be there when they need you. On the flip side, don’t neglect your love life! Your partner wants to be a part of your success, so let them in- glory’s always better when it’s shared with someone you love.

Life path number 9: Love isn't lost

Being a realist, your views on the world tend to be a sharper and a little franker than that of others. If someone is getting on your nerves, you have no reservations about telling them what you think- which can occasionally lead to some awkward exchanges. Your relationship might have become stale due to your priorities being elsewhere, so make sure that you show plenty of love and affection, and resuscitate the butterflies that always used to dance in your stomach when your loved one was around.

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