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Life Path Number 9 Compatibility: 3,6 Or 7 Will Drive You Wild!

Your life path number is the most important fact in numerology compatibility and will help guide you towards the people you are best suited with in love. Natives of life path 9 are fans of reflection, one could say that they constantly have their head in the stars... However, they also know how to be altruistic and generous. Indeed, they take your time when making decisions, even if it annoys people. According to our Charlotte Davis and her team, these folks will live out their happily ever after with life paths 3, 6, or 7. So, without further ado, discover what they have in common.

People born under 9, you are great humanitarians and this is a vocation that is underlined by your generosity and compassion. You are truly selfless and care deeply for others. That's right, you make it your duty to help other people who are less fortunate than you. You are truly kind, loving, and supportive, which explains why your main goal in life is to make the world a better and fairer place. 

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What is Numerology life path 9 like in love?

In love, 9 is romantic, tender, and even chivalrous. These folks produce passion, emotion, and happiness. Falling for people of this path is easy because they are so charming and easy to get along with. Although, living by their side is sometimes a laborious adventure. Indeed, these natives don't feel particularly concerned by their daily routines or their chores. However, on the whole, living alongside a 9 will be light and carefree, with all that this implies in terms of risk.

What are the strengths of 9?:

Life path 9 people are known for being loving, spiritual, idealistic, and hardworking.

How about their weaknesses?:

They are often said to live with their head in the clouds and to lack a sense of reality.

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Who is life path number 9 compatible with?

Discover your love rating love and who you are most horoscope compatible with in love.

Life path numerology compatibility:
Love rating out of 3:
Life path 9 and life path 1
Life path 9 and life path 2
Life path 9 and life path 3
Life path 9 and life path 4
Life path 9 and life path 5
Life path 9 and life path 6
Life path 9 and life path 7
Life path 9 and life path 8
Life path 9 and life path 9

Check out our descriptions of each couple combination below:

Life path 9 and life path 1: 

This relationship isn’t obvious at first, but opposites do in fact attract. Life path 1 can often be selfish and will have the impression that the world revolves around them, but they’ll open up to others thanks to the help 9, who is full of generosity and humanism.

Life path 9 and life path 2: 

You share the same worries… It's fair to say both life paths 9 and 2 are very emotional people. 9 is overpowered by their idealistic theories that translate into fanciful expectations leaving 2 feeling a little upset.

Life path 9 and life path 3: 

Your similarities are created and combined to attain an ideal equilibrium for every situation. You drift along with the realm of love and creativity.

Life path 9 and life path 4:

An uneasy, fragile relationship… Too many differences prevent you from creating anything long-term. Life path 4 is way too stubborn for the idealistic 9. In this case, opposites don't attract!

Life path 9 and life path 5: 

This is a beautiful professional diversity that opens numerous perspectives. As for emotional relationships, 5 and 9 are subjugated, which won’t make keeping pace easy.

Life path 9 and life path 6: 

Your solid relationship is in perfect balance thanks to your excessive sentimentality. Together for the long run, you overcome your doubts and take risks making your dreams a reality. 

Life path 9 and life path 7:

A surprising duo! This is a relationship based on an exhilarating ideal made of huge social projects and high expectations. A semi-mysterious love exists as if in a realistic, susceptible dream…

Life path 9 and life path 8: 

This is a possible relationship, but it’s also complicated. 8 has their feet on the ground when 9 is floating among the stars. Agreements are possible within a professional outline, but personal relationships aren’t going to be easy to come by.

Life path 9 and life path 9: 

This will result in a troubled relationship. Here, you have the tendency to lose yourself in the fog of your emotions and numerous sacrifices, and you baffle each other. You’re deprived of practical sense, so you maintain your delusions in the case of a miracle! You aren't the perfect match!

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By Charlotte Davis

Numerology expert - With over 30 years experience in the Numerology field, I know everything there is to know about this domain. My goal is to enlighten you and to lead you to the best path possible.

Numerology expert - With over 30 years experience in the Numerology field, I know everything there is to know about this domain. My goal is to enlighten you and to lead you to the best path possible.

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