Virgo Horoscope 2023: A Captivating Year!

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In 2023, the arrival of Saturn in the sign of Pisces on March 7 may cause you to make an important decision regarding a professional commitment or your relationship. Here, a union or partnership will materialize, and your position will be consolidated. Furthermore, Uranus suggests that you should not be afraid of change. In any case, you are on the right track as Jupiter offers you numerous opportunities starting from May 15. For more exclusive predictions, read my Virgo horoscope 2023.

Virgo Horoscope 2023: A Captivating Year!

If you were born between August 24 - September 22, you are a Virgo native, meaning this yearly horoscope is for you!


Virgo love horoscope 2023 💑 - Romance will transform you


The year begins tentatively, but you will recover in February. Love is a drug for you, and you’ll soon become addicted to it, especially in the months of March, April and May. From June until September, you will enter a phase of closure that will bring you a period of discouragement. Between August and September, your heart will not be out of reach, meaning you could find the love of your life. This path of the spirit and soul also has positive sides, as talk of marriage could start around October 15.

How will you get on with your family and friends? 👪


Overall, according to Virgo horoscope 2023, you will have a solid family setting until the end of May, where everyone takes care of each other. In friendship, goodwill will overcome self-centeredness, and although you are not always in touch, you can count on sincere friends. In June, a friend you trust will help you understand a complicated love story. After a negative mood in July, you will be able to stay on the same page with your friends in August. However, your organization, home, or family situation may change around August 15, but you will continue peacefully until the end of December.

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Virgo work horoscope for 2023 🧑‍💼 - Be open-minded


Saturn moving into Pisces on March 7 can take you to a new level of professional commitment. Uranus encourages you to accept changes related to a new collaboration or a change of position. You seem to be on the right track as Pluto sharpens your intuition and Jupiter brings you opportunities on a silver platter by mid-May. Above all, don't doubt yourself, and put your qualities forward!

Your financial predictions 💰 - Be decisive


A union or a new professional collaboration can improve your finances from March 7, with the arrival of Saturn in Pisces. Then, as of mid-May, Jupiter will be holding out a few opportunities for you to seize. Among the dates to note: remain wary around March 16 and then from April 21 to May 14 in business deals, defend yourself! You are doing very well in June, July, and especially August. The beginning of September is more complex, but the good news reaches you around the 15th. You know how to defend your piece of the pie in October and November. In December, you are careful and thrifty!

Virgo health horoscope 2023 🏋️‍♀️ - Your determination is admirable


According to my Virgo yearly horoscope, you are resourceful and therefore manage to get things done even when everything seems to be going wrong. However, this does not come without difficulty, and when you feel weak, your mood and luck will lift you up and keep you from falling. After a calm and quiet period, you will let go between February and March and take back the reins in April and May. In June, it will seem as if your batteries have run out, and you will regain your energy only if you let go of stress in appropriate ways.

Virgo horoscope 2023 - Predictions month by month


Focused on yourself
All month you will try to improve your life, your finances, and your comfort. You will be quite independent, think a little about your feelings, and have little time for friends.
Embrace the love
You will experience moments of complicity with your loved ones, but it will be especially in couples that you will be lucky.
Grow comfortable!
You will be sufficiently assisted by Venus and Jupiter not to feel out of place.
Nothing distracts you from your goals!
Venus and Mercury, in the sign of Taurus until the 10th, favor relationships with solid foundations.
Surrounded by love
You will be pampered from the 8th with affectionate gestures from longtime friends, new encounters, or a mischievous declaration from your lifelong love.

Your patience is running thin!
You're not in the mood, you'd rather not be tied down, too many disappointments have hurt you…
⭐ ⭐
Change is coming!
In the family, doubts about the proper functioning of certain habits will urge you to change around the 15th.
Turning things around
Your power of seduction is at its maximum, you give off a little something that attracts irresistibly. Take advantage of it, it's good for the ego! There is a lot of pressure on your activities, so hold on.
Exciting plans!  
Bet on the second half of the month to start some family discussions about joint projects. 
Acknowledge your feelings
You will not hesitate to truncate or make decisions to assert your feelings. All of a sudden, there will be a breakthrough and your feelings will return stronger than ever.
⭐ ⭐
You are glowing
Love will make you more confident, more serene, and more aware.
⭐ ⭐ ⭐
On the hunt for love
Venus intensifies your relationships, whether of friendship, family, or love. Your feelings will be deeper, you will be more sensitive, and your need for affection will be stronger.

Your luckiest month in 2023, is December

The month of December will bring with it some important realizations, including the fact that you need love in your life. Although you are a strong and independent person, you too need someone prepared to support your decisions and to take on life's challenges with.

Astrologist Susan Taylor

My advice to Virgo natives:

In Virgo horoscope 2023, you will have the opportunity to make an important decision in your life and change your path if you wish. Have confidence in yourself!.

The planets of your year 🪐

  • Pluto will sharpen your intuition, whereas Uranus will make you forget about your fears and shyness.
  • Likewise, Saturn will push you to make important decisions. 
  • Jupiter, on the other hand, will work on the realization of your plans starting May 15.
Jupiter is associated with success, opportunity, and the ability to succeed, whereas Uranus is referred to as the planet that awakens. The presence of Saturn brings patience and wisdom, and Pluto symbolizes rebirth.

Don't stop there: What are the dates of the planets in retrograde?

My biggest tip for 2024 💁‍♀️ - Remain solid

In 2024, you will be able to rely on your self-confidence to go beyond certain obstacles in life. Nothing will destroy your determination!

My conclusion for Virgo 2023 horoscope... 🖋️

The stars urge you to make decisions, to go beyond your fears, and to believe in the future and in the positive changes that can come your way. Do not stay stuck on the old path, instead, be curious!

🌟 The entire Astrofame team wishes you a wonderful year

The Virgo zodiac sign is logical and focused. I hope these yearly predictions will help you move forward in your life in 2023 and help you achieve great things. Don't forget to also look at your ascendant and your moon sign for this new year 😉. If you want more details about your future, please feel free to contact our astrologers, who will answer all your questions with gentleness and kindness.

- The future is mine -

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* Literature Source: The New International EPHEMERIDES 1900 - 2050, Author; Francis SANTONI, Published in June 1994 and available here: Amazon - The New International EPHEMERIDES 1900 - 2050

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Very inspiring and balance the pathway of seeing Strong and weak influences that can be utilized in decision-making in manifesting plans and ambitions. Thank you very much. Merry Christmas and a new year full of abundance!

What month will I get pregnant.

What month will I get pregnant.

I believed all words has wrtten about virgo.Fits dll my characters and wanted in life.

I am a virgo and 2020 has been the worst year for me. Everything has gone wrong for me And I had reached out to your advisors and had a reading done. I was given dates to watch out to meet someone.. not one of them has come true..

The worst year!!!

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