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Libra And Aquarius Compatibility: ♥ A Mismatch

As two social justice-loving, idealistic and lively spirits, they will discuss for hours, developing theories on how to remake the world. They will be able to convince their audiences and can team up by creating an association or joining militant causes. More than loving each other madly, they will become the best friends in the world, cherishing their intellectual complicity. Beware, however, of Libra not wanting to lead the rebellious Aquarius on too much. Read on for more details on the Libra and Aquarius compatibility and discover their love score.

"Libra and Aquarius should save themselves heartache." 

Libra and Aquarius compatibility score: 2/5

As two signs under the Air element, these two become great friends or can evolve into a happy family. Understanding, tolerant and fluid communicators, this duo could become great friends. As lovers, Aquarius personality needs more freedom than Libra, who is rooted to a domestic life. Libra and Aquarius really are on the same wave length when it comes to their values and intelligence. Their shared sense of compassion and fairness can encourage them to give to good causes.

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Could Libra and Aquarius have a successful relationship?

Libra risks getting bored in a relationship with Aquarius and will prefer spending time with their friends rather than Aquarius. Aquarius could end up driving Libra away with their childish behavior. As for their sex life, Aquarius will feel under pressure to live up to Libra’s sexual expectations.

Exchange is a big thing for Air signs and yes, in addition to the feelings you have, you can talk and debate for hours. You're a special couple that operates in a lover-mistress, brother-sister, confident-confidant mode.

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What could bring this couple down:

Libra, if the independence of Aquarius suits you, on the other hand, you will have much more trouble with its overflowing non-conformist and authoritarianism!

Libra and Aquarius' sex life:

You'll be on cloud nine and your relationship could even turn out to be electric!

Love advice for this pair:

Work on your communication.

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