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Libra Personality: 15 Interesting Facts About Libra That You Didn't Know

When you think of the Libra zodiac, I am sure that there are a couple words that come to mind quickly: Equality, harmony and diplomatic? While all these attributes are true for the air sign Libra, there is so much more to this zodiac than immediately meets the eye. Luckily, we’re revealing 15 facts about the Libra personality which are perhaps less known.

Libra personality is the 7th sign of the zodiac and is known for being charming, intellectual and sociable. They are people that will do almost anything to maintain peace and will happily put the needs of others above their own, even if it’s to their detriment.

Zodiac facts: 15 Amazing facts about Libra

While you may think you know everything about this zodiac sign, there’s always more to learn when it comes to astrology. Even the most knowledgeable Libra may find out something new about their zodiac personality from our 15 interesting facts about Libra.

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1. Emotionally Intelligent

When it comes to people management, not many people can do it better than a Libra. People born under this sign are blessed with tact, meaning that they are always in tune with others feel. If anyone ever feels left out at work or in their private life, a Libra will intuitively see this and act to help.

2. Perceptive

This almost goes hand in hand with their emotional intelligence but Libras are particularly perceptive. While others may focus on what’s in front of them, Libras will keep an eye on things around them. They’ll pick up on small things, like people’s expressions, to know if they’re being lied to.

3. Forgive and forget?

Are Libras the type of people to simply forgive and forget? Not exactly! While they may be happy to squash a small dispute for the good of the friendship, don’t expect them to forget what happened. Keeping a log of the past gives them a better basis for their accurate judgement of people.

4. Indecisive

When it comes to making a definite choice, expect Libras to shy away from the situation. While they are emotionally sensitive and intelligent, their indecisive nature means they prefer taking the middle ground on issues, as they distrust their opinion if there's a chance someone will feel offended

5. Sociable

People often overlook the sociability of this zodiac sign. As people who enjoy surrounding themselves with other people, Libras are usually master conversationalists and tend to get on with most people they cross. Using their tact, a Libra will know what to say a new acquaintance to make them a friend.

6. Manipulative

In a similar vein, Libras are one of the most manipulative zodiacs even though you might not think it. They are always thinking a couple moves ahead, using flattery and the occasional white lie to help them gain favor with others. No one seems to notice, so no harm done, right?

7. Flirty

Their reluctance to make permanent decisions could cause people to believe Libra's a commitment-phobic zodiac, especially since flirting is something a Libra embraces. People from this zodiac sign are more than happy to flirt and tease multiple people to test out if they are a potential partner. This isn’t the only reason, of course - they secretly love the attention.

8. Martyr

In situations where someone has to be the bigger person and take the fall, Libras are usually the first to step up. Whilst they may not be the cause, they are more than happy to take the fall if it means that the group dynamic remains harmonious.

9. Beauty-orientated

Ruled by Venus, Libras search for beauty in every facet. Those born under this zodiac often have a strong affinity with art and fashion as they both constitute forms of external beauty. This trait can make them slightly difficult to date, as they’ll likely call things to an end without any physical attraction.

10. Hatred of selfishness

When it comes to picking friends, and relationships, the biggest no-no for a Libra is selfishness. As people that always put the collective happiness above their own needs, selfish people are their direct enemies when it comes to maintaining harmony.

11. Loyal

Even though they may have the skillset to manipulate and charm, Libra is one of the more loyal zodiac signs. Once they feel like a real connection has been made, Libras will keep your secrets to the grave, even if it costs them, and wouldn’t talk bad about others behind their backs.

12. Self-Critical

Having everyone’s harmony and happiness on your shoulders can sometimes feel like a pretty big weight. Libras tend to put too much pressure on themselves trying to make everyone feel happy, which can sometimes become overbearing and cause them to criticise themselves.

13. Chilled

When it comes to their attitude towards life, Libras most definitely belong to some of the more laid-back zodiac signs. When life is moving at 100 miles an hour and everyone is panicking, Libras will move away from the chaos to have a more peaceful reflection about the issues at hand.

14. Good Listener

A generally undervalued trait but Libras are some of the best people to have a long chat with when feeling down. They won’t interrupt you or tell you they that they don’t have time but will simply listen and then give you the advice you needed.

15. Relationship compatibility

Libras seek equality in everything they do and relationships are exactly the same for them. They need partners who help complete them with other qualities that they perhaps may lack. Libras have high zodiac compatibility with fire signs such as Leo and Sagittarius, as they bring energy and enthusiasm to the relationship.

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Am always have time to listen and give good advice c

Am always have time to listen and give good advice c

i agree with this its super true and im a lebra and my sister is a scorpio

Hi i am Daniel and a Libra , idk what to say except i feel i should go against the expected libra.

This is REALLY accurate 😧 I’m a Libra and literally ALL of this is true (I’m freaked out)


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