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The Top 5 Most Laid-Back Zodiacs: Who Are They?

Everyone has that one friend who never seems to get worked up or stressed, whatever life throws at them. Even if everything around them is going up in flames, these people manage never to lose their composure - the word 'panic' doesn't exist in their vocabulary. This easy-going attitude isn't something they've learned but is rather a component of their Zodiac personalities. With this in mind, we've decided to rank our top 5 most laid-back zodiacs, so you know who to call up when life's pressures start getting the better of you!

Staying relaxed when things start going wrong can be hard. Some can't help but over-analyse every detail and think about the worst possible outcomes, whilst others act on impulse when, perhaps, a step back could help to give some perspective. Either way, we think we can all agree that stress and anxiety can be infectious. Luckily, calmness works in the same way and certain zodiacs are experts when it comes to helping others chill out a bit.

The 5 Most Laid-Back Zodiac Signs

Whatever the issue, expect these 5 zodiac signs to stay calm and collected. While some of their approaches to situations may be on opposite ends of the spectrum, each of these zodiacs are adept, in their own way, at lightening the mood when tension rises. Think you're pretty laid-back? Verify your suspicions and find out now if your zodiac makes our top 5 list of the easiest-going zodiacs.

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Serial Chiller

1. Sagittarius

With their happy-go-lucky and optimistic personality, Sagittarius takes the top spot for the easiest-going zodiac. Whatever the situation, Sagittarius expects it to work out in the best possible manner and so just goes with the flow. While this almost stoic attitude can be sometimes frustrating in relationship, it can be the best cure to an anxious friend or anyone dealing with stress.

Quietly Confident

2. Taurus

Taurus are so laid back that you might actually think that they don’t care about anything. As an earth sign, Taurus are generally well-grounded people who aren’t quick to lose their heads. The strong and silent type, you won’t hear them moaning about anything minor and their reliable nature reassures those around them and puts them at ease. Their unquestioned loyalty makes them the perfect friend to call up when worked up

Protector of Peace

3. Libra

Always gravitating towards harmony, a Libra’s first aim in any situation is to defuse the situation. As an expert when it comes to people management, Libra’s know what to say at the right time and place to get everyone to chill. Will it may be a sign that is secretly self-obsessed, they make sure never to put their needs or feelings ahead pf others a group situation.

Drama Dreading

4. Aquarius

In spite of the sign’s reputation for individualism and being closed off, Aquarius people can be some of the easiest going people around. Their aversion to openly displaying strong emotions means that they’re rarely at the center of drama. Moreover, due to their preference for group situations, Aquarius is adept at providing great company to a whole host of different personalities, without ever causing a scene.

Versatile Vibes

5. Pisces

The water sign Pisces rounds off our top 5 list of the most laid-back Zodiacs. It is their great emotional capacity and selfless nature which gives them the easy-going vibe. Their ability to intuitively feel out the dynamic and appropriately adjust the depth of the conversation means that you always feel comfortable in their presence. With Neptune being the ruling planet, Pisces are incredible artistic and can really create the perfect, relaxing vibe with the right music.

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