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Libra And Libra Compatibility: ♥ A Balanced Relationship

This pair could either achieve the perfect relationship or end up us bitter enemies! Their need to seduce and charm people might eventually become grating and is likely to awaken jealousy and anger. Although neither of them like the idea of conflict, they will in fact push each other's buttons and partake in arguments and drama. However, when they want to make things work between them, they'll know exactly what to do. Read on for more details on the Libra and Libra compatibility and discover their love score.

"Libra and Libra will both row in the same direction." 

Libra and Libra compatibility score: 3/5

Two children of Venus the planet of love and peace, can do nothing but get on wonderfully together! Two Libras are ready to work very hard in their quest for harmony and balance and are even prepared to make big compromises. As lovers, they offer each other attention, love, support and kindness. Two Libras together will be on the same wave length and they like to share friends and go out together. Their intimacy is strong, but if they could work on their intellectual engagements it would strengthen their partnership. Libras are so laidback that problems could appear in an all Libra couple with regards to daily and financial organization.

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Could Libra and Libra have a successful relationship?

Two Libras together lack a practical side and could fall into the trap of trying to make each other jealous. Libras loving feeling good and constantly look for ways to enjoy themselves, even if it means putting their relationship in danger… You have a lot in common and in fact, you know what it takes to make the other person feel good. This way, your relationship is viable and lasting!

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What could bring this couple down:

You will have to learn how to manage your moods but as good Libras, when one is not feeling well, the other will comfort them and vice versa! If you communicate well on the other hand you will have to learn to find your balance!

Libra and Libra's sex life:

Your sex life rocks, swings and you will complement each other perfectly to the point of being fulfilled.

Love advice for this pair:

Try to organize things better.

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