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Cancer and Taurus compatibility: ♥♥♥♥Strong Match

This is one of the best matches that exists, but we don't want to make the other signs jealous just yet! These signs make for sweet and humble mix with plenty of sexual tension between them. Their secret aspiration is to form a stable and happy family that people look up to. This duo is definitely on the same wave length and has similar aspirations and values, which explains their amazing compatibility. Discover the Cancer and Taurus compatibility score here!

"Cancer and Taurus have similiar life goals!" 

Cancer and Taurus compatibility score: 4/5

This duo is a difficult one to judge at the start, because both partners are shy and reluctant to talk and get real about their feeling. Although with time, they eventually become the perfect match and spend their time cuddling eachother. This is a match who avoids tension and hates yelling. For this reason, they should live peacefully together. Taurus personality and Cancer can quickly decide to form a family or a love nest to call their own. In this pursuit, it is easy to close off from everyone or stop going out. They get very wrapped up in the other!

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What makes them compatible?

Taurus and Cancer are both family oriented characters who long to start a family and create a love nest. The problem with this match is that they could become so wrapped up in each other that they forget about the outside world. The secret to a successful relationship is creating a balance between all aspects of life.

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Cancer and Taurus sex life

Cancer's a real sensitive soul, and is more tender than kinky! Taurus likes to fantasize a little and loves roleplay, yet Cancer is a little reluctant. There is a world between romanticism and voluptuousness and it's perhaps this reality that could drive this pair apart. Once they discover each other's bodies, however, sparks will fly!

Love advice for this pair:

Try to be open with your feelings from the get go.

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