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Cancer and Aquarius Compatibility: ♥ Hopeless Match

While Cancer tends to become emotionally attached to their friends, family and possessions, Aquarius demonstrates fierce independence and will often opt for debating ideas with charming strangers rather than spending time at home. These signs are on totally different pages and neither of them has the patience to learn to understand the other's point of view. Their values are polar opposites which means the Cancer and Aquarius compatibility score is very low...

"Cancer and Aquarius struggle to understand each other!" 

Cancer and Aquarius compatibility score: 1/5

This duo gets along better in a professional setting or friendship than an intimate relationship. In love, a Cancer needs constant reassurance, while Aquarius personality likes adventure, improvisation, and can’t give Cancer the security they need. They should instead bank on the easiness of each other’s company when they play games together, if not, Cancer will become frustrated by their desire for companionship from an Aquarius who doesn’t want to be tied down. Aquarius is a complex personality, which is why Cancer really has a hard time understanding Aquarius.

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Can this match work out?

Let's fact it, luck isn't exactly on their side... Aquarians are lovers of life and hate being tied down, including in relationships. Exclusive relationships for unromantic Aquarians are difficult challenges. If this love match is going to work, both Cancer and Aquarius need a great sense of humor, if not they risk pushing each other away and ending up in a frustrating situation.

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Cancer and Aquarius sex life

This pair manage to understand each other in certain areas of life, but sex isn't one of those realms. In the bedroom, Aquarius wants to take charge, but often lacks seriousness in their acts. The passion is absent from this union and pushes our two favorite signs further and further apart. Cancer desires something more substanial, whereas Aquarius is more into one night stands and no strongs attached fun.

Love advice for this pair:

If you want your relationship to work out, you need to change your expectations and be willing to compromise.

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