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Cancer and Gemini Compatibility: ♥♥ Touch And Go

These signs both have seductive charisma and are gifted when it comes to communication, yet they use different tactics to get what they want. Cancer expresses themselves with grace and tact, whereas Gemini is a little less careful and goes straight to the point. Together, they form a dreamy and romantic duo that enjoys the smaller pleasures in life. The question is will Cancer's moodswings bring them down? Discover the Cancer and Gemini compatibility score and whether they'll make it.

"The Cancer and Gemini match could go either way!" 

Cancer and Gemini compatibility score: 2/5

Between these two, misunderstandings are always present.Gemini personality can come off as detached in their feelings faced whereas Cancer always wants affection. Cancer can easily suffocate an independent Gemini. Professionally, Gemini brings a practical mind to the table, while Cancer adds creativity to the mix. However, friendship is preferred rather than love. They know how to have fun, but romantic feelings are unstable.

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Can this match work out?

Gemini and Cancer isn’t a great match when it comes to love, because their personalities just aren’t very complimentary. The truth is, they probably won't work out... Cancer can come across as too needy and clingy for the more confident and at ease Gemini. This love match is a disaster and will fail due to both of the sign’s immature attitudes.

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Cancer and Gemini sex life

This is where the cracks start to show for this duo. Cancer is sensual and well anchored in their sexuality, whereas Gemini is often childlike and often wastes time with seduction games. Cancer demands investment in the bedroom and Gemini just can't grant them that particular request. Sex isn't important to Gemini, however it's a method for Cancer to exert their creativity and release their pleasure.

Love advice for this pair:

Speak your mind and be open to listening at all times.

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