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Cancer and Capricorn Compatibility: ♥ Opposites Attract!

The ambitious Capricorn is more dedicated to elevating their social status more than anything else, whereas Cancer is 100% devoted to their family life. Although these signs seems to have little in common, their love of traditional values brings them together. Will this duo be able to look past their differences in order to build a fantastic future together. Discover the Cancer and Capricorn compatibility score for more insights into this promising love match.

"Cancer and Capricorn appreciate family values and good morals!" 

Cancer and Capricorn compatibility score: 2/5

These signs are complimentary: equally timid, introverted, and desirous of security. When it comes down to listening, Cancer shows affection, while Capricorn is loyal to Cancer. However, Cancer is an immature sign and Capricorn personality is considered as the “older” one in the relationship. The controlling nature of Capricorn aggravates Cancer, who responds with coldness. When things go wrong, both sign can become engaged in a sulking competition.

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Can this match work out?

This love match relies on open and honest communication in order to succeed; without clear communication, this duo will descend into a real recipe for disaster and things could get messy. Patience and understanding are the ultimate keys for success. If Capricorn manages to be less cold towards the at times needy Cancer, then this pair could envisage spending the rest of their lives together. It's more a question of adjusting their expectations.

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Cancer and Capricorn sex life

The Cancer and Capricorn compatibility lacks passion in the sex department. Your instinctive and respective modesty will lead you as a duo to a subtle eroticism, a tender and responsible act, proof of a sentimental commitment, more than an indication of a carelessness of the senses... The caresses only serve to comfort the impulses of the heart, because the body also claims its share of happiness. Nothing explosive to report here!

Love advice for this pair:

Efforts need to be made on both parts and deeper issues need to be tackled.

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