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Highly Sensitive Person: The 5 Most Sensitive Zodiac Signs

No one is perfect and being highly sensitive is a very common zodiac characteristic amongst the signs. Our experts have identified the 5 most highly sensitive zodiac signs and have unmissable intel about their personalities! Do your zodiac sign feature in the ranking of the most sensitive zodiac signs? Is your zodiac one of the most sensitive signs?

We all have different levels of sensitivity; some zodiacs are highly sensitive people and others aren't affected by anything! So the question is, who is the most sensitive zodiac sign?

What is a highly sensitive person?

The meaning of a highly sensitive person is someone that feels more deeply than others and is often more emotionally sensitive and reactive to certain situations. Other characteristics of highly sensitive people include being very detail-oriented and great team players.

Can a highly sensitive person love someone?

The answer is yes, of course a highly sensitive person can love someone! Highly sensitive people can have really successful and loving long-term relationships, as long as their partners understand the complexity of their personalities and supports them.



Is it a good thing to be sensitive?

Being a highly sensitive person means that your feelings get hurt more easily than other people's feelings do and get upset more. Although, being sensitive is actually a good thing because it means you feel positive emotions more deeply and powerfully. The way you feel and experience joy and happiness is a lot more intense!

What is the most sensitive zodiac sign? 

We've studied the stars and have listed the 12 zodiac signs from the most sensitive to the least sensitive. Discover how sensitive and touchy your zodiac is with our sensitivity ranking:

Zodiac sign:
Type of sensitivity:
Sensitivity ranking:
1- Cancer
Cancer is the most sensitive zodiac of all
2- Pisces
An emotional wreck
3- Scorpio
Angrily sensitive
4- Leo
Gets teary quickly
5- Aries
Fly off the wall kind of sensitive
6- Libra
Their feelings get hurt easily
They take everything to heart
8- Virgo
Virgo often gets touchy
9- Taurus
Taurus can be sensitive
10- Sagittarius
Takes everything as a joke
11- Aquarius
Too easygoing to be sensitive
12- Capricorn
Capricorn is the least sensitive zodiac sign

Sensitive zodiac signs - Is your zodiac one?

We reveal the top 5 most sensitive zodiac sign. Who is the most highly sensitive zodiac sign? The answer is, drumroll please... Cancer! Cancer is the most sensitive zodiac sign!

  1. Cancer personality
  2. Pisces personality
  3. Scorpio personality
  4. Leo personality
  5. Aries personality

The most emotionally sensitive people of the zodiac are Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio, Leo and Aries. They're take things directly to heart because they think the world is out to get them!

Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer and Aries struggle to let things go and often have trouble moving on. Some might argue that they enjoy starting drama, but even when these zodiacs make an effort to shake off the negativity, they can't really ever get past what triggered it.  

1) Cancer - The most highly sensitive zodiac!

Cancer is the most hyper sensitive of the signs and when they feel attacked, they sulk like big kids, although they do quickly feel really bad about their actions afterwards! When arguments arise, don’t leave Cancer alone because they get inside of their heads. To get a Cancer to forgive and forget, show them some love and affection!

2) Pisces - A totally emotional zodiac 

Pisces is the second most sensitive zodiac. When their feelings are hurt, Pisces are prone to complaining and may even shed a few tears. When trying to make up with a Pisces, don’t leave their side. Just spending time with them in silence is often what they want. 

3) Scorpio - An angry zodiac likely to explode at any moment! 

Scorpio is the third most sensitive sign. Scorpios are mysterious and when they are hurt, they try to bury their feelings and can explode with zodiac anger when pushed too far. If you encounter troubles with a Scorpio, pay attention to your body language. For a Scorpio to forgive you, try to calm them down in order to avoid outbursts of hostility.  

4) Leo - A touchy zodiac - Be careful, approach with care!

Leos are naturally sensitive people and when they feel attacked they can get a little mean with their words. When Leos feel judged, they can go from 0 to 100 really fast! To calm a Leo down, buy them a drink!

5) Aries - The straight talking zodiac

Aries people are extremely sensitive, impulsive and can easily become super agitated. They can flip-a-switch at any time! If you disagree with an Aries, lay it all out on the table with honesty. Aries appreciates people cutting straight to the point!

Are highly sensitive zodiac signs compatible?

When it comes to compatibility, lots of factors come into play and influence the success of a relationship. The good news is that two highly sensitive people can be compatible in love. To discover who your zodiac is compatible with check out your horoscope compatibility and you'll soon see highly sensitive people can make a good match!


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