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Cancer and Scorpio Compatibility: ♥ Match Made In Heaven

This pairing is one of the best of all the zodiac. This relationship is so harmonious because it represents the coming together of two Water signs, who share a high emotional compatibility. Both signs have an almost unfathomable sensitivity and organic passion. They are intuitive, full of empathy, yet very jealous! This union will arguably be the best each partner has ever experienced. Discover the Cancer and Scorpio compatibility score and prepare to be amazed!

"Cancer and Scorpio are perfect for each other!" 

Cancer and Scorpio compatibility score: 5/5

These two Water signs were made for the other! As empathetic, sensitive, hyper intuitive souls, they’re naturally on the same wavelength! Scorpio personality is psychologically in tune with Cancer’s sensibility. What Cancer offers Scorpio is the ability to calm down when faced with stress. In love, they feel united by a magical force. Often, they feel like they belong to each other, which can be a bit possessive.

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Can this match work out?

Yes of course they can! Cancer and Scorpio have exactly what it takes to complete each other’s lives and their relationship will definitely be a magical one. Although, their jealous and possessive behavior could at time bring them down and drive them apart. When arguments and disagreements arise, Cancer’s childish behavior could annoy Scorpio, who in turn could react harshly.

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Cancer and Scorpio sex life

This is another area where Scorpio often leads the way! Cancer, the soft-hearted sweetheart, will follow Scorpio's eroticism, and will do everything to please their beloved partner. Scorpio is definitely naughtier than Cancer in the bedroom, but if Cancer feel at ease, then they will happily follow. 

Love advice for this pair:

Don't change anything; you're great just as you are!

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