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Cancer and Sagittarius Compatibility: ♥ Rocky Match

In terms of passion, these two definitely understand each other. However, their emotional needs are starkly different and often drive them apart before their love can blossom. Sagittarius' fire is likely to be extinguished by Cancer's melancholic behavior. Problems will arise for this couple when it comes to their differing levels of sociability and lack of willingness to compromise. Discover the Cancer and Sagittarius compatibility score for more insights into this unstable union.

"Cancer and Sagittarius can be likened to a damp firecracker!" 

Cancer and Sagittarius compatibility score: 1/5...

It’s hard to find a balance within this match, since Cancer is more closed-off from having a social life than Sagittarius. However, Sagittarius personality is going to reassure Cancer that it’s all okay and protect them when times get tough. Cancer is proud to walk with Sagittarius on their arm. The problem between the two rests in their character differences. Sagittarius can lose patience with a jealous, solitary Cancer, yet the position of the planets at the time can change everything.

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Can this match work out?

The truth is, it's very touch and go for this match... Cancer offers Sagittarius warmth as well as unconditional care and love, although their downfall could be the differences in their personalities. Cancers are solitary characters and Sagittarians are just the opposite! Sagittarius loves venturing out and meeting new people which could send Cancer crazy jealous. Their inability to communicate will eventually drive them apart and make them resentful.

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Cancer and Sagittarius sex life

When the romantic of eroticism of Cancer meets the natural of sex appeal of Sagittarius, Cancer people often feel intimidated. Their desires between the sheets are different and are magnified when one wants caresses and the other craves crazy sex sessions. They'll also experience problems when it comes to their level of implication in the bedroom. 

Love advice for this pair:

Reassure each other of your feelings as much as possible!

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