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Cancer and Virgo Compatibility: ♥ Harmonious Match

This match is full of potential that needs to be cherished if this duo is to go all the way in their love. This pair knows how to bring the best out in each other and the mix of sensitivity and seriousness will lead to a deep connection that only they can understand. Stability and support are two very present features in this couple and what makes them stand out from the crowd is their nurturing of each other. Discover the Cancer and Virgo compatibility score and whether or not they'll last!

"Cancer and Virgo love building each other up!" 

Cancer and Virgo compatibility score: 3/5

Together, the two signs complete each other. In the emotional sphere, be it familial, friendly, or romantic, Cancer and Virgo personality are shy towards one another, but once the boundaries are broken, they can live out something lasting and meaningful. They are both looking to share a peaceful life. Cancer can feel Virgo’s coldness from time to time, something to think about! In a working environment this pair will be a force to reckon with, Cancer will come up with loads of inspiring ideas and Virgo will have the knowledge to put them into practice.

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Can this match work out?

Cancer and Virgo is a good match because they are fighting for a common goal, which is why they will work out. Cancer will be reassured by Virgo’s calm personality and great decision making skills. Virgo will find warmth and kindness in Cancer, which will help Virgo open up. The only thing that could bring them down is Cancer’s emotional behavior.

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Cancer and Virgo sex life

For Cancer, sensations will always echo only the depth of their emotions. For Virgo, sex could well be just a delicious variation on the same "loves you", a matter of skin and attraction. No marasmus of the senses, no explosion of pleasure but a full of tenderness and intimacy, away from prying eyes...

Love advice for this pair:

Trust in your instincts and move forward together.

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