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Leo and Leo compatibility: ♥ Power Struggles...

This couple symbolizes the coming together of two massive egos who are definitely unwilling to compromise or lose any of their power! These two extraordinary personalities have lots of things in common and make relationships extraordinary. Their generosity means they place each other on a pedestal! Their relationship will be full of dizzying highs and terrible lows, but do they have what it takes to work out? Read on for more details on the Leo and Leo compatibility and discover their love score.

"Leo and Leo will be the ultimate clash of egos" 

Leo and Leo compatibility score: 2/5

What a glamorous couple!Leos highlight each other’s strengths, give loving presents, and will have an amazing social life and they’re not afraid of showing off either! They’re generous family members. However, a Leo is rather prideful and often egotistical. They need to have control, and if not, they make it known. Altercations are unavoidable between two Leos about who wears the pants. At work, if they have similar jobs, they easily become competitors, and if someone else is leading a project, they hate being controlled.

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How Leo and Leo's love could work out

Leos are proud people and often a little bit egocentric and selfish. A Leo needs to be in control of everything and isn’t shy about getting their voice heard. Leos are jealous people and their collective jealousy could potentially be the downfall of their relationship.

You are dynamic, sociable, open-minded, sometimes worldly or narcissistic, but you can make a perfect couple. You know how to move forward in the same direction.

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What could bring this couple down:

Both of you need to be in control and this may cause some problems. You also need to be less possessive if you want to save the future of your couple.

Leo and Leo sex life:

You're on the same wavelength and you're one hundred percent compatible in the bedroom!

Love advice for this pair:

Let your love develop over time.

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