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Leo and Taurus compatibility: ♥ A Complex Relationship

The attraction between this pair is very powerful. But which one of you will rule the roost on a daily basis? Leo certainly has a good shot at being the leader thanks to their self-confidence and fiery atttiude. But it's the tenacity of the Taurus that wins the fight in the long run. Although the chemistry is there, these antives won't be able to walk away from the power struggle game. Read on for more details on the Leo and Taurus compatibility and discover their love score.

"Leo and Taurus are both too bossy!" 

Leo and Taurus compatibility score: 2/5

Here are two strong personalities! With headstrong Taurus personality and authoritative Leo…fights are likely to occur. Fortunately, they stay loyal to each other and always find a path to reconciliation. However, they should not give into playing games, and should explain their feelings with tact and maturity. In terms of finances, Taurus needs to be reassured and Leo is looking for success. In the midst of frustrating projects, they support each other hand-in-hand.

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How Leo and Taurus' love could work out

Leo needs to try and relax in the relationship, attempting to take over and make all the decisions will only push Taurus away. Taurus needs to remember to flatter Leo and let them know how much they are loved and admired. This relationship could certainly be explosive, but it does have strong potential.

On the whole, this is a beautiful union where loyalty but also wise or fiery passion, permanent seduction will come to nourish your relationship.

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What could bring this couple down:

You are both equally possessive, you both want to have the last word or be right and this can lead to conflict. You must learn to take control and communicate. Couples are not a competition!

Leo and Taurus sex life:

Don't worry, the elements are all there for each of you to enjoy a great sex life.

Love advice for this pair:

Learn to communicate clearly.

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