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Leo and Capricorn compatibility: ♥ Cute Match

Capricorn, as we know, is pessimistic by nature, whereas Leo basks in positive vibes. Although they may seem fairly different, it's Capricorn's ambition that pleases the fiery and determined Leo. This pair seems to make the perfect dream team, although it must be said that any disagreement will eventually install a coldness between them. The Leo and Capricorn compatibility starts of positively but will their love score be strong enough to carry them through?

"Leo and Capricorn share similar values" 

Leo and Capricorn compatibility score: 3/5

This is an amusing match, but opposites do attract! As much as Capricorn personality is reserved, stand-offish, and careful; as much as Leo is sociable, extroverted, passionate, and a bit hypocritical, together, the two uphold appearances, but are loyal to each other. They can work well at work, and in private relations, they need to respect the other’s personality traits. Leo is attracted to Capricorn’s stability, tenacity, seriousness and ambition. As for Capricorns, they are won over and seduced by Leo’s warmth and dreamy behavior.

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How Leo and Capricorn's love could work out

When a Leo and Capricorn get together, success isn’t far away, for together they are winners. Although, in a relationship boundaries need to be set and Leo must respect Capricorn’s need for solitude and independence. On the other hand, Capricorn needs to reign in their jealousy and look past Leo’s need to seduce people, or big arguments will arise.

The Capricorn is someone who capable of holding anyone down thanks to their logical thinking. Capricorn brings Leo back to the essential while supporting them in their daily life or your projects. This pair can definitely count on each other.

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What could bring this couple down:

Leo, you are worlds apart because of your love for the spotlight. Capricorn is in the opposite and very stoic and reserved. Communication problems will lead to severe disputes between you!

Leo and Capricorn sex life:

You don't have the same requests or the same desires and this will drive you apart! Leo is way too demanding for the shy Capricorn!

Love advice for this pair:

Try to understand each other!

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