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Leo and Aquarius compatibility: ♥ A Strong Duo

Aquarius is a rebellious philanthropist, whereas Leo on the other hand tends to be very selfish and individualist. Their life goals are very different, but these two can undoubtedly give each other the qualities they are each lacking. Leo will allow Aquarius to cultivate their creativity, and Aquarius teaches Leo that there is strength in union. The Leo and Aquarius compatibility seems promising but will their love score be strong enough to carry them through?

"Leo and Aquarius have so much to learn from each other" 

Leo and Aquarius compatibility score: 3/5

These two signs are placed at opposite ends of the zodiac which explains their spontaneous attraction. Aquarius personality brings a flair of originality to work, while Leo lacks fantasy, but can give Aquarius direction. Leo can be too suffocating as a lover for an Aquarius, who is more versatile and wants to look after more than one person.

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How Leo and Aquarius' love could work out

A romantic relationship will be a complex challenge for this zodiac duo. Aquarians are deeply attached to their freedom and won’t accept being told what to do by a bossy Leo, who is constantly in need of attention and recognition. Aquarius is too giving and prefers to concentrate on help others rather than focusing on a relationship; something that a possessive Leo will struggle to deal with. You are made to share many things. Thus, you can form a very beautiful couple and find together a perfect balance since you are complementary.

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What could bring this couple down:

Even if you're supposed to be complementary, it doesn't mean you'll spend your life together. Thus, it's not uncommon for your relationship to be plagued with lots of misunderstandings because you don't seem to evolve in the same sphere. Here's a piece of advice for you; communicate!

Leo and Aquarius sex life:

Even though you're not on the same wavelength, you flow together perfectly in the bedroom!

Love advice for this pair:

Try to understand each other!

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