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How To Attract A Leo Man With Our Astrological Seduction Tips

Leo men like to shine and flex their authority, and absolutely nothing will change that. Logically, they expect others to pamper his ego and boost his already high self-esteem; indeed, compliments are one of the most important keys in winning his heart. These guys know what they are worth and can accurately identify their qualities and faults when need be. Although, with a native of this sign, you have to be clear and say things as they are in order to avoid detours and innuendos. After all, they nothing better than feeling desired and wanted. Discover our seduction tips for more helpful insights.

The Leo personality is regal, proud and extremely confident!

Ruled by the Sun, Leo is a fire sign, meaning these natives are flamboyant and luminous. Their characters are warm, generous and above all, proud. Indeed, they exude a certain aura and exert fascination, domination and control over their entourage. These folks have the soul of true leaders and are blessed with huge hearts and unfailing loyalty, just like the famous king "Richard the Lion heart". They are very energetic personalities with great courage and strength.

On the flip side, these guys can be quite narcissistic and self-fulfilling. That said, they are also charming and very ambitious, which hints that they are attracted by success, prestige and grandiose destinies. They are natural idealists and don't like half-measures. When things aren't done to their satisfaction, they can get carried away by great anger and even begin sulking. One can hold his arrogance against him, as well as his excessiveness.

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How to attract a Leo: Lay your cards on the table and don't be shy!

To attract and seduce a Leo man, you need to catch him off guard and go about things differently. He needs to be flattered, so massage his ego a little and then leave him wanting more. Just like his animal representation, the lion loves a challenge, which means you need to let him do some chasing. Basically, let him think he's seducing you when you've already sown the right seeds. When faced with someone sweet and tender, he feels important. It may seem a bit complex, we grant you that, especially when it comes to measuring your efforts.

If you succeed in seducing him, you'll soon learn that he is the most generous and sincere person in love. Natives of this sign are also faithful and sincere, and these are values to which they attach great importance. They like to please deeply, and this is one of the reasons why love has such a prominent place in his life. He always wants to do well, but is sometimes clumsy with expressing his feelings. Although, when chasing his heart, you'll soon realize that he rarely expresses his feelings because he doesn't feel the need to, yet this reluctance can be confusing...

Attract Leo

To attract a Leo man, you’ll need to impress them, so don’t wait around because it's time to pull out the big guns. 

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What a Leo man looks for in a woman

When guys native to this sign look for a woman, he can be very demanding! These males are attracted to strong, confident and independent women who aren’t afraid to speak their minds. These natives can be very vain and demand that their partners to take care of their appearances and look gorgeous at all times. 

❤ What is he like in love? - He's generous and loyal ❤

Leos are very generous and are quick to shower their loved ones with gifts. These males can't resist buying clothes, flowers, perfume and expensive meals for the people they love. They are extremely faithful, but are sometimes rebuked for their lack of emotion.Loyal

Once conquered, these guys are surprisingly loyal and faithful. They are also very affectionate and will protect their home and family nest with all their might. They are loving personalities who wish the best for their children and partner. Indeed, they are the driving force in any relationship and always need to feel that they lead an exceptional life, with an ever-renewed love dynamic, in a refined home, surrounded by good company and hand-picked friends.

In love, he is always idealistic and can be very romantic and a bit naive. He is looking for the woman of his dreams, and she must be beautiful, kind and uncomplicated, as well as able to fulfill the roles of a best friend, mother and lover. He has difficulty communicating in love, and it will often be necessary to guess it, avoiding big discussions. Once in love, the Leo man is passionate and faithful. He likes to dominate in the life of couple, with a tendency rather macho, even if he treats his partner like a queen, and always knows how to rekindle the flame.

How to get a Leo man to commit: You must be you!

To get him to commit you need to be genuine and real. There’s no use pretending to be someone you’re not because this man will pick up on it instantly and then lose interest. When he commits to a relationship, he becomes even more loving and affectionate towards his partner.

Leo compatibility: Who is their perfect match?

When it comes to love compatibility, he will fall in perfect love with an Aries woman, for her fiery temperament, plus she is as naive as he is. He will live a passionate relationship with the Gemini woman, whose charm, talent and lightness make him succumb. He will be very attracted by the Libra woman, because she is refined and elegant. The Sagittarius woman will infuse him with her vital energy and optimism. There will be a risk of friction with the Taurus woman whose sickly jealousy he fears, the Cancer woman whose demands and complaints he does not appreciate, the Capricorn woman who has too much ambition and casts a shadow over him. The same goes for the Leo woman who will take too much of the limelight!

Leo's matches are:

Why do we love him so much?

People notice a Leo man from miles away because he has a true presence and his audacity attracts everyone’s attention. Naturally ambitious and dominant, they tend to think that others count on them, and only them… Despite all the bravado, this is someone with a loyal and pure heart!

Will he find love this year?

Compatibility in 2022:
Is he likely to fall in love?:
Leo + Virgo

More seduction tips:

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By Susan Taylor

Editor in Chief and Astrologist for MyAstroMag - I’ve always been completely fascinated by the world of Astrology and horoscopes. Writing for you and forecasting my exclusive predictions are my main passions.

Editor in Chief and Astrologist for MyAstroMag - I’ve always been completely fascinated by the world of Astrology and horoscopes. Writing for you and forecasting my exclusive predictions are my main passions.

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I wonder how much is this article related to the one leo i recently made at workplace, basically he was my senior and after leaving that job suddenly he texted me, we talk with each other and i m enjoying his company, i feel like he is the one i was searching for, i m a Sagittarius, it seems like there's infectuation between us.

Aries women rekindling with a leo man after 26years!!!! The break up was because he moved faraway for his schooling. After 26yrs we will finally meet again in 3weeks. We have been in contact every day for the past month. So exciting but scary. We are now in our 40's wowowow!!! Life....

It’s crazy how many things in this article remind me of the Leo I just went on a date with. Even scrolling through the comments it’s like I’m reading about him. This guy is a total extrovert and just so kind and well mannered. He’s a true gentleman and I find that extremely attractive. I’m an Aries so we are both fire signs and when we kissed there was definitely sparks lol. I felt a genuine connection with this guy. But at the same time I’m scared to like him cause I don’t want to fall for someone and get hurt again. Plus I’m a little confused atm bc I was left on open even tho it showed he was typing on sc. idk I’m just being a paranoid Aries. But I’m looking forward to getting to know this leo.

My friend is a Leo and I’m a Sagittarius. He was interested first but it seems like I am more interested now. He is honest but I’m ready to get in a relationship and don’t know if he is ready or not p

Being a Leo man, I can tell you one thing...if there is one sign that a Leo finds and gets along the most with, is a Saggi...go for it...and dont hold yourself back...time will tell, but if youre looking at astronomy, then this is the best liaison ever! (well, second to leo man and leo woman ;-))

Hey i am in the exact same situation ): How did it turn out for you

Just met a Leo guy, and this article is SOOO true. I'm a Virgo woman. We both love riding our motorbikes together. Our first date was dinner (he paid...he insisted, even though I offered to go "dutch") held my hand, opened doors for me saying "Ladies first!" and we sat up all night watching Moto GP racing. This one is a total keeper!!!!

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