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Leo and Gemini compatibility: ♥ A Shaky Relationship

This is a truly sparkling duo, formed of two open-minded and sociable characters. Yet, ironically it's their love for attention and the spotlight that could cause their relationship to come crashing down. Making other people laugh is their favourite way to pass the time. Geminis will act more by reasoning, while Leo is more impulsive, but that's not to say they aren't a good match. Read on for more details on the Leo and Gemini compatibility and discover their love score.

"Leo and Gemini both love the attention!" 

Leo and Gemini compatibility score: 2/5

Gemini personality and Leo are both strong characters and won’t give in easily to each other’s demands. This duo is more strongly based on intellectual admiration than love. Gemini learns to understand what Leo needs to be happy, and Gemini can benefit from Leo’s realism and strength. As friends or co-workers, their rapport shouldn’t work off rivalry. In love, Gemini should be more romantic to a sentimental Leo. If this duo is capable of leaving their egocentric behavior, complicity could reign.

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How Leo and Gemini's love could work out

Gemini is cunning and will fool Leo into believing that Leo has the upper hand in the relationship. Rivalry needs to be left out of this particular relationship if real love feelings are to develop and grow. If the two zodiacs work together, they could become a real cuddly duo!

You know how to motivate each other, which means you projects, outings and leisure activities will all be successful. You make a great social couple who know how to share their various interests with each other.

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What could bring this couple down:

Leo is impulsive and controlling, whereas Gemini is rather carelessness and focused on freedom. Their differences in character will mean they sometimes find it difficult to get along, although it's not impossible that you will find your balance.

Leo and Gemini sex life:

Leo lives in the moment and Gemini is more about projection and fantasy. You may not always be in sync and will have to learn to tune into each other's sex drive. 

Love advice for this pair:

Be open about what you want.

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