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Leo and Cancer compatibility: ♥ Promising Potential

The success of this relationship will depend on how Leo treats Cancer. If Leo acts selfishly, the union won't work, however if they manage to show their sincere feelings, then this pair will establish mutual respect and admiration. Finding their balance is important and will lead to unfailing loyalty and unconditional attachment. Read on for more details on the Leo and Cancer compatibility and discover their love score.

"Leo and Cancer need to establish a mutual understanding" 

Leo and Cancer compatibility score: 4/5

This couple could go the distance when it comes to love.Cancer personality is the least dominant partner who is happy to do whatever it takes to make Leo happy. Cancer is a big romantic who wants to feel protected by Leo. Leos have tougher personalities and are also honest, generous and solid. A Leo will love Cancer’s delicate and affectionate side. If they work together, their love will grow.

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How Leo and Cancer's love could work out

Leo has the personality and strength of character to help Cancer make their dreams a reality. As for Cancer, they will win Leo over with their endless love and affection. When times get tough, Leo knows that Cancer will be there. Generally speaking, you two complement each other quite well. Thus, you should find a certain balance.

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What could bring this couple down:

Leo, you are rather joyful, whereas Cancer can be struck down with intense moodiness. Your approaches to life are different and the only way to solve them is by focusing on your communication.

Leo and Cancer sex life:

You're made for each other, you'll just have to learn to settle into the same rhythm in the bedroom.

Love advice for this pair:

Don't try to change each other.

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