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Aries Personality Traits: What You Must Know About This Fiery Zodiac!

Calling all Aries people, do you really know everything about your zodiac sign and personality? Aries seeks to keep up appearances, but they often lack concentration. An Aries personality is impatient, stubborn, and opinionated, Aries personality traits also mean Aries people crave constant attention. We reveal everything about the personality traits of an Aries, including who Aries is most compatible in love with!

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♈ Aries sign signfication : What is the meaning of Aries zodiac sign? ♈

Aries meaning 'ram' is the first star sign of the zodiac and a fire sign at that. Aries people are children of the planet Mars, and are a dynamic characters who like keeping busy. The Aries personality has a spontaneous nature and moves to the beat of their own drum without looking back with regret. Although, Aries personalities often back-pedal as soon as there’s an obstacle ahead of them and would rather try their luck elsewhere. 

Independent and often impulsive, Aries people have a hard time controlling themselves and conserving their energy. Aries personalities are unique, passionate people who love being seduced, but above all, Aries love being attractive and seductive. Do you have what it takes and know how to attract an Aries man?

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What type of person is an Aries? 10 Things to know about an Aries

  • Birth date: March 21st to April 19th
  • Strong Points: Speed, force
  • Qualities: Courageous, sincere
  • Faults: Impulsive, rage
  • Gems: Ruby, Amethyst
  • Planet: Mars
  • Element: Fire
  • Color: Red
  • Metals: Steel, iron
  • Corresponding Body Parts: The head, blood

'The three most important things for an Aries are trust, loyalty and respect.'

Aries personality : What is the personality of a Aries?

Born between March 21st to April 19th, the Aries personality is influenced by Mars and is one of the most energetic signs. The symbol for Aries represents a combatant nature. They are known to reflect on their life journeys. With fire as an element, like Leo and Sagittarius, Aries likes to take the initiative, even if they don’t always foresee the outcome. The problem with Aries is that they can be impatient, too aggressive, or way too on edge. In certain situations, techniques to reduce stress would be very useful for an often agitated Aries personality.

People born under the sign of Aries are naturally courageous and are rarely scared to face a challenge or take risks. Mars’ influence on the Aries personality means Aries people often focus on their own security and try their best to avoid being hurt. Aries personalities love taking part in physical activities and often emit a youthful energy and lots of vitality.

Are Aries angry?

As a fire sign, Aries people are impatient, volatile and often have serious tempers. When an Aries is angry, everyone will know about it, but the good news is that once an Aries has exploded with anger, their outrage will quickly fade away and an Aries will be able to move on.

Aries women : What is an Aries women like?

Being a fire sign means Aries women are go-getters and fiesty ones at that! Nothing can hold back an Aries woman when she is determined and has made her mind up about something. Able to easily share her ideas and effectively channel her energy, an Aries woman is also very proud.

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Aries compatibility : Who is Aries most compatible with?

Aries are most compatible with Sagittarius people, Libras and Leos. Aries and Sagittarius are a love match with lots of potential. Aries and Libra could also make a great couple and could really teach each other lots of valuable life lessons. Aries and Leo have similar personalities and but their diva-like characters might be the downfall for this duo.

Aries incompatibility : Who does an Aries not get along with?

Aries people are least compatible in love with Cancerswho they deem too sensitive and reserved for their strong and bubbly personalities. The problem is an Aries is very impatient and won't ever want to hang around and wait for a Cancer to come out of their shell and open up. Aries are demanding when it comes to love and relationships and want their happily ever after straightaway!

Aries in love : Are Aries man and woman compatible?

Compatibility and sexual attraction between two Aries people is red hot! Two Aries people together will definitely create fireworks both in and out of the bedroom. Their passion at times risks overflowing and turning into tension and fierce arguments, which is why their compatible isn't strong in all aspects.

Zodiac attraction : What signs are attracted to each other?

Attraction is very important in a love match and so is whom your zodiac sign most attracted to. These are the zodiac sign couples that are seriously attracted to each other.

Aries ♈
Libra ♎
Taurus ♉
Scorpio ♏
Gemini ♊
Sagittarius ♐
Cancer ♋
Capricorn ♑
Leo ♌
Aquarius ♒
Virgo ♍
Pisces ♓

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