Aries Personality: Insights Into This Fiery And Explosive Zodiac Sign!

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The first astrological sign of the zodiac assumes a leading position that influences the personality of its natives, who, above all, like to be pioneers and leaders. People lucky enough to be born under this sign are impatient, stubborn, and opinionated, yet on the flip side, they are also strong, loving, and kind. Indeed, these natives adore life and want to enjoy it to the fullest before it's too late. Susan Taylor and her team reveal all the traits of Aries that you need to know and spoiler alert, some people are about to recognize themselves!

Aries Personality: Insights Into This Fiery And Explosive Zodiac Sign!

As an Aries, you're a fire sign with an explosive temperament. You're a stubborn person and often do as you please. That said, your courage and your determination are exemplary.

10 Essential facts to know about Aries

  • Aries dates: March 21 to April 19
  • Strong suits: Speed, strength
  • Qualities: Courage, sincerity
  • Flaws: Anger, impatience
  • Your gemstones: Ruby, Amethyst
  • Your planet: Mars
  • Your element: Fire
  • Your colors: Red
  • Your metals: Steel, iron
  • Corresponding part of the body: Head, blood

The astrological meaning of Aries

As a child of Mars, you are a dynamic person who needs to be on the move all the time. Impetuous by nature, you move forward with a bang, without ever looking back and thinking about the consequences. However, when obstacles appear, you often run away and try your luck elsewhere. You are independent and impulsive, meaning you have a hard time controlling your temper. Indeed, you are a passionate person who loves to be seduced, yet when it comes to love, you prefer to do the chasing!

The dates and personality of the Aries sign

The dates go from March 21 - April 19. This sign is influenced by Mars, making its natives impulsive and energetic. The symbol of Aries represents the fighting nature of folks belonging to it.

Like Leo and Sagittarius, Aries is a sign of fire and these folks like to take initiative, even if sometimes they don't master the outcomes. Their element can make these natives excellent pioneers. Although, difficulties can arise for them when they become impatient, too aggressive, or even angry. When tension builds, techniques to reduce stress would be useful.

Aries can easily move from ideas to action and channel his energy in a very efficient way, and he is very good at asserting his opinions.

Aries guy

Natives of Aries are brave by nature and are rarely afraid to face hardships or take risks, but under the influence of Mars, Aries need to ensure their safety in order to avoid injury. Indeed, physical activities will help to strengthen and channel their energy.

Astrologist Susan Taylor

Astrologist Susan Taylor's insights:

Aries is a cardinal sign because it kicks off spring; the first solar season. Its constellation occupies the primary 30° of celestial longitude of the zodiac. This is known as a sign of action, energy, enthusiasm, and projection towards the future. These natives are endowed with blind boldness that pushes them forward. 

What are the qualities of Aries?: These people are authentic and sincere

You are a passionate person, and this passion drives you to give the best of yourself in all situations. You are also very enthusiastic. Furthermore, you do not hesitate to spread this joy for life to those around you, and are often the motor behind other people.

You are genuine, you are very sincere with your entourage, and they know that they can ask your opinion in all transparency. Likewise, you always answer according to the feelings you feel, and this quality allows you to be in total agreement with yourself. In addition, you like to put plans in place, and you are a real powerhouse. Every action is guided by your heart because you are a spontaneous person, with you, reason has no place...

You know how to let your hair down, and you don't think about the consequences. For you, living in the moment is more important than anything else. This vision pushes you to be often intrepid and in the face of danger, you never back down. Adventure motivates you daily, and each obstacle is a new way to grow and to show your determination.Aries quote

You never let yourself be discouraged because you know how to adapt to every situation. You can then easily appropriate things to make them intelligible, and this quality makes your projects easier when you have to deal with new things.

'The three most important things for this sign are trust, loyalty and respect.'

What are Aries' negative traits?: They have way too much energy!

Your overflowing energy can quickly tire your loved ones, to the point where they frequently say that you are hard to keep up with.   Because of this dynamism, you constantly seize the opportunities available to you, for fear of getting bored. Although, you'll need to learn to plan your tasks if you don't want to lose your footing.

Making things last can also make them interesting, and moving too fast can lead you to make questionable choices. Instead, take the time to analyze all the possibilities to choose the best solution. Your passion blinds you, and you tend to forget what's around you, yet in fact, reason can be an excellent ally in the most difficult decisions. It doesn't only have negative sides!

Since you are always on the move, you feel like everything rests on your shoulders. You ought to try to let go if you want to give those around you some freedom. Moreover, your frankness can quickly pass for arrogance with some people. Try to think things through when talking to people you know are sensitive, if not, you could hurt their feelings. In short, if you want to achieve your full potential, you need to learn to channel all your energy and to be a little more considerate of those around you.

What does it mean to have Aries as your rising sign?

To have Aries rising sign in your natal chart is lucky and means you go beyond your limits in order to move forward. Very often people marked by this ascendant are feisty, impulsive, determined and have several hobbies. In short, this ascendant makes folks hyperactive!

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Your sun sign + Aries rising:

Main traits described:

Aries sun Aries rising

Focused and determined

Taurus sun Aries rising

Stable yet fiery

Gemini sun Aries rising

Creative and pensive

Cancer sun Aries rising

Sensitive and energetic

Leo sun Aries rising

Confident and flamboyant

Virgo sun Aries rising

Feisty and focused

Libra sun Aries rising

Adaptable and mature

Scorpio sun Aries rising

Passionate and sensual

Sagittarius sun Aries rising

Brave and dynamic

Capricorn sun Aries rising

Bold and sensible

Aquarius sun Aries rising

Creative and original

Pisces sun Aries rising

Optimistic and smart

Aries compatibility: Who is your perfect match?

The ideal person for an Aries must be strong, determined and enterprising. They will have to support you in the most difficult moments and accompany you in your desire for novelty. You appreciate people who take care of them because you pay particular attention to the physical aspect. Indeed, seduction is for you an unavoidable element in a relationship, so it is out of the question to let yourself go.

Aries is compatible with:

These are the people you need to avoid spending time with... 

In order not to keep your audacity and enthusiasm intact, you ought to avoid people who spend their time complaining at all costs. Whiners who constantly moan about their fate yet do nothing to act on it will only bring you down. Your long-term projects are very important to you, so don't spoil them for this kind of person. Consciously or unconsciously, these individuals will constantly put you in a bad mood and shatter your dreams, which is why you should detach yourself from them quickly.

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Susan Taylor’s insights: The final word on Aries

The Aries personality certainly doesn’t lack valor, dexterity, skill, and ability, but sometimes comes up short in their interpersonal relationships. If they don't channel their energy well, Aries can become a real bully! This is a sign that aims for prestigious positions and that are in some way related to power. For more insights into this sign, connect with an Astrofame advisor.

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More details about the first sign:

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* Literature Source: The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need, Author; Joanna Martine Woolfolk, Published in 2012 and available here: Amazon - The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need

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No problems with most of the well known Aries female traits save one: the need to 'test' someone in whom they might be interested. That's pretty arrogant and entitled, not exactly a sign of maturity. What is the point of trying to start a relationship with someone who's convinced it's her right to test and judge you? Is this really someone I want to know and associate with? I don't feel I have the right to pass judgement on others for any reason. Someone who IS OK with this may turn out to be more aggravation, frustration, and jail time than is worth it. Get a grip Sam, and grow up.

Laszlo Bagu 2 years ago

Aries personality

Aries personality

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For a full analysis of your personality, add your rising sign too

Leo Sun Aries Rising

Leo sun Aries rising, direct and attractive are two words that define this personality. You are a character who knows your worth very well. Because of their way of communicating, you easily befriend other people. You have a very strong personality, and tend to impose himself. Within a group or team, you are often considered as the demanding one. Because of your competitive spirit, your character is both curious and cultured. For this reason, you will not miss an opportunity to enrich his knowledge. With this determination, you are always ready to take the bull by the horns.

Virgo Sun Aries Rising

Here, Virgo's shyness and raw sensitivity are balanced by the Aries' boldness. So, when necessary, you know how to ignore your natural introversion and assert your opinion loud and clear. Virgo sun Aries rising you may not be an inveterate party animal, but you have no trouble making friends with those you meet. You may be a bit of an elitist, but you are not a fan of pretending. When you meet someone, you either love them or you hate them, and you don't hide it! You are just as capable of being patient as you are of leaving everything on a whim. And yes, being a Virgo with an Aries ascendant, you can't make it up!

Libra Sun Aries Rising

Libra sun Aries rising is a person who does not do anything in half measures and lets themselves be carried away by their moods. If the Libra is rather diplomatic, calm, who weighs the pros and cons, the Aries ascendant brings a great touch of spontaneity and frankness. This combination is a passionate being, perfectionist and artist. Whatever this personality undertakes, they put all their energy into it and does not hesitate to go for it. But it can happen that they slow down the rhythm, which the Aries ascendant will quickly counterbalance.

Sagittarius Sun Aries Rising

Sagittarius sun Aries rising, you are outgoing and approachable, therefore, you are remarkably open-minded with an agile temperament exacerbated by your cheerful, dynamic, and resourceful nature. You know how to connect with people and how to get even the most taciturn to talk. You are enthusiastic about everything you do. Likewise, you never give up until you get it right. Your leadership tendency often leads you to dominate any situation you face, and your fighting spirit reinforces your perseverance to see things through. However, you never act lightly and your sense of organization earns you the admiration of all.

Pisces Sun Aries Rising

Pisces sun Aries rising, you are endowed with an idealistic personality, and are whole in its desires, indeed, your emotions are extremely intense. You do not lack spontaneity, ingenuity and audacity to express yourself, convince and try to rally others to your ideas. You live, sometimes at a frenetic pace, sometimes in a complete break from the action. This alternation allows you to recharge your batteries and live on two levels at once.

What Does It Mean To Have An Aries Sun Gemini Rising?

Aries sun Gemini rising, you are easily captivated but quickly bored, you move from one activity to another, often abandoning ongoing projects. You tend to scatter your focus and lack perseverance. Communication is essential for you, and exchanges stimulate your curiosity.

Aries Sun Cancer Rising

Aries sun Cancer rising, you are authentic, sincere, generous—your values are primarily human and familial. With a nature prone to anxiety, you often find yourself in a struggle against your inner contradictions, making your mood quite unstable. It's not always easy for those around you to understand you.

What Is An Aries Sun Pisces Rising? Discover This Sensitive Personality

Aries sun Pisces rising, you are much more sensitive than you let on and are easily hurt. However, you know how to assert yourself, especially in artistic and social or humanitarian domains. You easily assimilate knowledge, and your mind is permeable to many concepts. Higher studies are favored.

What Does It Mean To Be An Aries Sun With Capricorn Rising?

Capricorn sun Aries rising, you may not be the life of the party, but your rock-solid professionalism and unwavering loyalty are major strengths. Your focus is primarily on your interests, driven by your energy and hard work. While your love life may lack some romance, it might be sprinkled with sudden, intense connections.

What Does It Mean To Be An Aries Sun With Sagittarius Rising?

Aries sun Sagittarius rising, you are constantly facing forward, looking towards the future and are curious to explore the world around you. In short, you are always keen to conquer new horizons and meet new people. As someone who is thirsty for knowledge and adventures, you're curious about everything, plus, you love to travel and embrace new and diverse cultures.

What Does It Mean To Be An Aries Sun With Scorpio Rising?

Aries sun Scorpio rising, your ascendant sign, makes you more reserved, mysterious, and more selective, but also more resistant and determined to take on challenges. Impulsive, passionate and wholehearted, you put your heart and soul into everything you do. You're an extremist who loves or hates without nuance. You're often on edge, and the slightest annoyance feels like an attack. Likewise, you're quick to lash out if someone annoys you or steps on your toes, but you never let it get you down.

What Does It Mean To Be An Aries With The Libra Rising?

Aries sun Libra rising, you possess a personality full of paradoxes. Despite your deep need for harmony, you don't shy away from necessary conflicts. While you have the knack for stirring up controversies, you also possess excellent interpersonal skills that help you navigate out of many predicaments.

What does my sign say about my personality?

5 Reasons To Fall For An Aries

People born between March 21 and April 19 are Aries natives, and also known as the leader of the zodiac. When these natives love, they do it with passion and put their hearts and souls into relationships. They are spontaneous, whole and fiery, meaning they love to have a good time! Dating a native of this sign is an intense experience, but nevertheless one not to miss out on! These people are strong and opinionated, so without further ado, check out the 5 reasons you should start dating one.

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This is a great combination that will achieve success in every realm of life. In short, nothing will be able to stop them! Their needs are in tune, they both like to have fun and are optimistic and full of energy. They will constantly inspire each other because Sagittarius, in this winning team, will have the role of the thinker, whereas Aries will know how to implement the ideas thought up. One positive aspect is that Aries will teach Sagittarius how to be more combative in situations where they usually give up, instead of fighting to the end. Read on for more details on their compatibility and discover their love score.

15 Fun Facts About Aries: Learn About The First Zodiac Sign

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Capricorn And Aries Compatibility: ♥ Opposites Attract!

Paradoxically, this pairing, who at first glance seems too different, could actually be a winning combination. The visionary spirit of Aries will inspire the at times rigid and focused Capricorn, who will then enjoy helping to implement these ideas. The relationship between the two can go very far, as they are more refined and share a great ambition. The relationship tends to be stable, with brief periods where both will experience a thrilling passion. It is very likely that their union will end up either being legally binding or through marriage, which is a form of stability within the couple. Read on for more details on their compatibility and discover their love score.

Taurus and Aries compatibility: ♥ Good potential

Aries is determined, yet Taurus is stubborn. The first sign of the zodiac is a natural fighter, whereas the second sign advances very slowly and hates being rushed. The stark differences in their approaches to life is an element that could potentially drive them apart. Having said that, this pair could learn a lot from each other, including patience, tact and determination. Discover how compatible they are and if they have what it takes to fall in love in their compatibility file.

Aries is compatible with...