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Aries and Gemini compatibility: ♥ ♥ ♥ A tricky couple!

This couple works if there is an established, mutual understanding. A Gemini personality fears being held down in a relationship and is known for a certain detachment when it comes to dating. Aries on the other hand is all or nothing, but what does that mean for their relationship? Will the pursuit of adventure be enough for the Aries and Gemini match to be a success?

"The key to a successful relationship is complicity!"

Aries and Gemini compatibility: Why they are compatible:

This couple will work out if both partners are on the same page. A Gemini personality likes to be free and to lead their own lives free from overbearing questions. An Aries must give them enough freedom, but Gemini needs to give Aries attention regularly.

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Downfall of Aries and Gemini:

Finding things in common will be the difficulty for Aries and Gemini, because they have extremely different personalities. Aries will likely be too demanding of the laidback Gemini personality, who at times has a hard time with public displays of affection. The ultimate problem with this pair is their lack of ability to reign in their opinions.

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Aries and Gemini sex life:

The Aries and Gemini compatibility is perhaps better suited to a one night stand rather than a long-term relationship. Their sex life will be fun and carefree. Their sexual compatibility is a lot stronger than their love compatibility.

Love advice for Aries and Gemini:

Strong affection will help boost the Aries and Gemini compatibility.

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