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Aries Personality: 15 Fun Facts About The First Zodiac Sign

Aries personality is eager, fun, competitive and fiery. When an Aries makes up their mind, nothing can hold them back or get in their way. How well do you know the Aries zodiac sign? We’ve handpicked 15 fun facts about the Aries personality to give you a better idea of what the first zodiac sign is really like under all their protective layers.

Aries personality is one of the most enigmatic and interesting personalities of all the zodiac signs which is why we think you need to get to know the Aries personality a little better with our fun facts. We’re about to dig deeper into the Aries personality and give you a real idea of the Aries character, you’ll soon see there is more to Aries than a being brash and loud.

Zodiac facts: 15 Fun facts about Aries

After reading up on Aries’ fun facts you’ll have an even more accurate insight into the Aries personality. Some of Aries’ personality traits will even blow you away and others will help you succeed in love.

For even more information about Aries:

1) Mixed bag of fire and sensitivity

The Aries personality is a true mixture of fiery boldness and soft sensitivity. At first glance Aries people seem tough but once you peel back a few layers and break down their walls they can be a very emotional zodiac sign.

2) Aries’ idea of a nightmare evening

Aries are active people and need to be kept on their toes at all times and trust us; a relationship definitely won’t slow down an Aries’ rhythm. Aries is the least likely zodiac sign to sit in watching movies at night, no an Aries needs action.

3) Aries’ sense of purpose

Aries are leaders and need to feel in charge of things and in control in order to feel fulfilled. The first zodiac sign isn’t scared of getting their hands dirty and loves to pitch in when it comes to getting creative and pursuing exciting ideas.

4) Fiercely independent

An Aries person hates nothing more than having to ask other people for help or advice. Aries is fiercely proud and hates the feeling of relying on their entourage in time of need. When possible Aries people figure out their problems alone.

5) Bossy boots!

If you are an Aries or know one, you’ll know the word bossiness well. Despite extensive efforts to reign in their order giving, Aries people struggle containing their natural leadership character traits and just can’t blend into the background.

6) Quick tempers

Aries people can be very emotional and at times their feelings boil over and turn into anger. Yes, you’ve guessed right, Aries is one of the angriest zodiac signs and when pushed to their limits they can explode just like a volcano.

7) Fire sign

The fire signs of the zodiac include Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Fire signs are characterized by their enthusiasm, bravery, creativity and their fiery characters of course!

8) Aries love compatibility

When it comes to love, Aries certainly isn’t compatible with every zodiac sign and it definitely takes a spunky character to be able to handle this firecracker. Aries are most compatible with Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini and Aquarius.

9) Famous Aries celebrities

The famous celebrities representing the Aries zodiac sign include the creative Lady Gaga, the fiery diva Mariah Carey and the truly hilarious Eddy Murphy. There are plenty more famous Aries celebrities who are equally as proud of their zodiac sign!

10) Aries has a rebellious side

Here’s some advice for you; never tell an Aries what to do because Aries hates nothing more than being told what to do. Aries won’t stand for anybody else taking the reins and giving orders; being given instructions could even awaken their rebellious streak.

11) Aries stay loyal to the bitter end

Our Aries friends are very big on loyalty and once they give you their word that they’ll stand by you, they will be with you until the very end. Loyal zodiac sign Aries hates disappointing their friends and people they care about.

12) Successful zodiac sign

Aries is one of the most determined zodiac signs and owe their success to their hardworking and tenacious characters. Aries people are very competitive and NEED to come out on top of everything. Being a successful zodiac sign really is a motivating factor for the first zodiac sign.

13) All or nothing in love

When an Aries falls in love, they fall hard which is why their emotions are amplified in relationships. Aries people make devoted partners and love making their lovers happy, although when they get nothing in return their behavior can switch.

14) An Aries can be cold

When an Aries feels betrayed or let down they can become really cold and distant. If you disappoint an Aries you will definitely have a hard time trying to get their forgiveness.

15) The Aries personality in one word…



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