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Aries and Cancer compatibility: ♥ Unbalanced relationship

When this match reaches an understanding, their harmony is one-of-a-kind. However, there is often trouble in paradise getting to it. Aries dislikes the pessimistic and depressive nature of Cancer. While an Aries craves confrontation, a Cancer can annoy them by shutting off entirely. Will this match go the distance or will their differences drive them apart? We give you all the insights.

"No relationship is all sunshine, but two people can share one umbrella and survive the storms together."

Aries and Cancer compatibility: Why they are compatible:

A Cancer may only want reassurance, but Aries doesn’t have patience for their sensitivity. If both zodiac succeed in toning down their jealous traits, they'll get on like a house on fire. Tolerance and harmony will reign once both partners move past the jealousy.

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Downfall of Aries and Cancer:

The main problem with the Aries and Cancer compatibility is their inability to understand each other’s moods. Whenever Cancer personality is hurt or upset, they walk away from the situation and sulk for hours on end. Confronting problems head on isn’t what Cancer is best at… Aries on the other hand loves confrontation.

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Aries and Cancer sex life:

Aries and Cancer will use their sex life as a method to get over previous heartbreaks. This pair isn't blessed with natural chemistry and if they want an awesome sex life, they'll need to work on their communication skills, if not they'll be left feeling frustrated.

Love advice for Aries and Cancer:

Playing around will help them understand each other on a deeper level.

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