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Aries and Pisces compatibility: --- A doomed love story

Some misunderstandings are expected from this duo. Pisces personality can be offended by the aggressiveness of Aries, while Aries can find Pisces too difficult to read, or hypocritical in trying to maintain a front. The moral of this love story isn't exactly a positive one and can even be described as being a waste of time. Find out why their compatibility is so off and has no chance of working out.

"Sometimes, someone comes into your life so unexpectedly, takes your heart by surprise, and changes your life forever."

Aries and Pisces compatibility: Why they are compatible:

This is an amusing match,  but won't work out! Misunderstandings are likely to crop up from this duo because Aries will want to dominate and control everything and sweet Pisces will roll over. Pisces dreams of being loved and living the perfect relationship, but unfortunately that just won't be with Aries. These zodiacs are just too different and don't have what it takes to make each other happy!

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Downfall of Aries and Pisces:

Aries personality and Pisces come from two completely different planets, which explains why they are never on the same wave length. Their mood swings aren’t compatible either… In short, it would take a miracle for this couple to ever go the distance.

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Aries and Pisces sex life:

Their expectations in the bedroom just don't match... This couple's sex life will be a total flop!

Love advice for Aries and Pisces:

Don't even bother starting a relationship...

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