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Sagittarius Facts: Here Are The 15 Most Surprising

As sign symbolizing sociability, Sagittarius is expansive in love, at work and in friendship. These folks are often talkative and have an almost visceral need to express themselves. As one of the fire signs, these natives are filled with enthusiasm, ambition and fearlessness – a combination of traits which gives them the self-confidence to approach life in the unique way they do. Discover 15 facts about them and what they are really like in order to get to know them better.

Sagittarius is the 9th personality of the zodiac and theits ruling planet is Jupiter, which in turn bestows them with optimism, luck and a great sense of humor. Natives of this sign like to live according to their own terms and aren’t afraid to even cross continents if they feel life needs a drastic change.

Learn more about this adventurous sign in 15 facts

While much attention is given to other traditionally exciting signs, like Aries and Scorpio, Sagittarius is in fact perhaps one the most complex signs. There aren’t many signs that are capable of having such seemingly mutually-exclusive traits – you probably wouldn’t expect the funniest sign to equally be the most philosophical! These 15 facts ought to give you some more insight into this curious personality.

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Extreme positivity

1. They are always highly optimistic

Across the zodiacs, Sagittarius comfortably takes the number one spot for optimism. They understand that there’s no point dwelling on the past and that their time would be better spent looking forward. This sign has a knack for finding constructive criticism in everything.

Real honesty

2. These natives are honest and open

These people are often singled out for their blunt personalities but they simply belong to the most honest zodiac sign. While others may be hesitant to call out a bad deed, they will just tell it how it is, even if it changes the dynamic. These are people who aren’t afraid to stick with their gut feeling.


3. They are introspective

In a their mind, it would just be hypocritical not to hold themselves to the same standards as other people. For this reason, they tend to be highly introspective and self-critical people who spend much of their time analyzing their own actions. Self-improvement is one life’s most important process for this zodiac.

Good at reading people

4. These people are perceptive

As generally well-cultured and experienced people, these folks are highly adept at reading other people’s intentions and desires. Their highly contemplative minds help them understand other’s motivations through introspection. Their tact and intuition are what gives them their unparalleled zodiac sign sense of humor, they know their audience well.

Amazing perception

5. They have Psychic powers

You probably already know this if you’ve spent enough time around a Sagittarius but they instantly know when their being lied to or misled. As the most honest people, they know the difference between the truth and a constructed lie. They won’t confront you if it’s a small white lie, but trust me, they know you’re hiding something.


6. They have no time for selfishness

They're not the type of people who tolerate self-centered or entitled people, they will just cut contact immediately. For people born under this sign, selfishness shows a huge lack of maturity and intelligence, and they just don’t have time to accommodate or educate such big egos.


7. They hate drama

In a similar vein, Sagittarius is not a sign that’s known for being petty nor gossiping. Even when everyone else around them gets caught up in drama, they will very rarely participate. They see the bigger picture in life and understand that speculating about other people’s lives is a waste of their time and energy.


8. They are free thinkers

Natural-born philosophers, Sagittarians are not content just accepting a truth or condition – they need to understand WHY. It’s for this reason that people born under this constellation really struggle with rules and constraints, especially as inquisitive children. If they feel their freedom of any sort is being hindered, expect them to distance themselves as far away as possible.


9. They control their emotions

Undoubtedly one of the most independent zodiac signs, it makes sense that many Sagittarians tend to take a stoic view of life. For these folks to lead the life they truly desire, relationships and commitments are often neglected, due to the inevitable compromises they bring. Realizing this, they know they must be able to generate happiness from within.


10. They are patient in love

With that being said, they do crave emotional and intimate relationships but it typically takes them longer find the right person. While they may have many suitors, they will only commit to a person if they really believe that the person and relationship are worth it. They need to be 100% sure before ever committing.


11. They don't let people in easily

As people that rarely allow themselves to be hurt by other people, appearing vulnerable in public is a novel feeling for many of these people. These aren’t the type of people to call up their address book for advice or comfort. They know enough time and space will heal their wounds and distancing themselves away gives them both of these things.


12. They always have a small circle

As you’ll probably know already, these people can be extremely hard to get in contact with – especially if they are in a period of contemplation. While they’ll happily ignore the majority of unsolicited messages, they typically have a very small and intimate group of friends they trust with their life. They’ll always be around for these people, no matter the situation.


13. This sign is spontaneous

When they’re in their typical moods, Sagittarius might just be the most fun zodiac to hang out with. They realise that life is short and that not making the most of it would be an absolute waste. So, when a rare opportunity presents itself, they show excitement rather than fear. Spontaneity makes for great moments and even better stories!


14. They are very funny

In addition to their spontaneous natures, this sign is often lauded as the funniest zodiac sign. They have an innately expansive taste in humor which allows them adapt to pretty much any crowd. This ability to find comedy in the worst of situations helps them make friends wherever they decide to go.


15. They are natural adventurers

When it comes down to it, they are effectively hedonists. They see all that life has to offer and want to experience it all while they have the chance. Each new job or destination is an adventure to them, full of important lessons and interesting people. To put it simply, they are ready for anything – apart from routine!

By Susan Taylor

Editor in Chief and Astrologist for MyAstroMag - I’ve always been completely fascinated by the world of Astrology and horoscopes. Writing for you and forecasting my exclusive predictions are my main passions.

Editor in Chief and Astrologist for MyAstroMag - I’ve always been completely fascinated by the world of Astrology and horoscopes. Writing for you and forecasting my exclusive predictions are my main passions.

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