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The 5 Most Independent Zodiac Signs: Are You One Of Them?

While teamwork can at times make the dream work, quite often it doesn’t, as members of these 5 most independent zodiac signs will know. Some of us just find working and planning with others as an unnecessary move which will slow us down. There are equally people who feel they need their own space to breath and so prefer working and moving alone. Whatever the reason, many of us find solace in independence.

Putting your faith in other people is important in friendships and relationships but one's trust is often misplaced. I’m sure everyone can think of an example where they put trust in somebody else and were let down, instead of handling it themselves. However, independence is much more than a guard against disappointment. Which zodiac signs are the most independent?

The 6 most independent zodiac signs

To be independent means you’re able to cultivate your own ideas and often defend them in the face of popular opinion. It means that you’re able to live according to your own timetable rather than someone else’s. However, getting too caught up in this ‘me vs the world’ attitude may lead to trust issues. It’s for this reason that a couple of these zodiacs are also some of the most commitment-phobic zodiac signs of the horoscope! Sound like you? Find out if your sign makes our list!

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1) Aquarius

The Aquarius personality epitomizes the meaning of independence, as far as zodiac signs go. Both in action, but particularly in thought, Aquarius likes to separate themselves from the crowd, with progressive thought being one of the zodiac’s best qualities. While spending time with others is something they very much enjoy, Aquarius individuals often have a deep need for their own time and space.


2) Sagittarius

A close second, Sagittarius is another zodiac sign which prefers doing things at their own speed, rather than at other people’s pace. With the zodiac’s symbol being a centaur, it should come as no surprise that freedom is their most valued liberty. Sagittarius individuals feel restrained if they have to ask others for permission, which can often lead to a negative reaction. This laid-back zodiac will just shut off from the world if they ever feel pressured or controlled.


3) Virgo

The Virgo personality chooses to act independently, rather than intuitively needing their own space. This highly intelligent zodiac subscribes to the ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’ attitude in life and so they typically work alone. Seeing life in a more analytical manner than most other signs, they quickly identify the most efficient way to do things and see other people’s opinions as an extra burden.


4) Gemini

When we break down the Gemini personality, we can see a couple of similarities to a child’s psyche. It isn’t to say that they’re necessarily immature however, but more so to state that they don’t act according to social conventions or rules and see the world as a place full of possibilities. Geminis are perhaps the most sociable zodiac, but they need to keep moving from person to person to really feel alive. The common denominator in these social situations is likely them, and them alone.


5) Aries

The first zodiac of the horoscope and usually the first zodiac to act, Aries leaves the other signs in its tracks. While the Aries personality isn’t as consciously independent as some of the others on this list, they are naturally independent people, by virtue of the fact that they act on impulse. An Aries is already on the move before others have time to react, and they won’t even notice until they look back.


6) Capricorn

As a fellow earth sign, Capricorns claim their independence for similar reasons to Virgos. By nature, Capricorns are highly ambitious and disciplined people that are more at ease acting alone than with other people. It can often be an unforgiving and demanding zodiac, especially towards people that have already let them down so they usually end up working according to their own timeline.

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