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The 5 Biggest Commitment Phobic Zodiacs: Are You One Of Them?

The early days of a relationship are some of the most exciting, as you get to know each other and live for the moment. However, there comes a point in every relationship where you expect some commitment from your partner, as it's key to a healthy, long-term relationship. Are you at this point in your relationship and still haven’t gotten any commitment? It’s likely related to your partner’s zodiac sign, as certain signs are real commitment-phobes! Which zodiacs are totally commitment phobic?

Every zodiac sign has a different approach to dating and relationships, with some that dive head first into love whilst others take hesitant steps. Whatever the reasoning is - be it: a need for freedom, indecisiveness or over-analysis - these 5 zodiac signs are the biggest commitment phobes. While some may find this trait frustrating, it indicates that once these signs do commit, they put everything into the relationship. So, it may be worth the wait!

The 5 Biggest Commitment Phobic Zodiacs

Due to the variety and diversity of zodiac personalities, each sign has their opinion on how a relationship should move forward. Do you like to let your partner know you’re in for the long haul early on or do you prefer to wait it out until you’re sure about their every aspect? Think your zodiac makes our top 5 list. Find out with us as we reveal the biggest commitment phobes according to the stars!

1. Aries - Biggest commitment phobic sign

While the Aries personality is keen to get things going, in all aspects of life, they are not so good at seeing them through to the end. What that means, in terms of relationships, is that although they may sweep you of your feet at first, the atmosphere may quickly change when the C word is mentioned. If they get a hint that their freedom will be restricted, they will not commit. Aries need people who can keep up with them – and often they think commitment will hold them back.

2. Gemini - Can't commit

As an air sign, the Gemini personalityappreciates their freedom, and often value it higher than a serious relationship. For them, early commitment is a big no-no and one of their biggest zodiac sign turn offs. With their childlike personality, a Gemini enjoys creating relationships with loads of different people rather than dedicating time to one. In addition to this need for freedom, their nervous and inconsistent natures mean that convincing a Gemini to commit is a real achievement.  

3. Sagittarius - Will never conclude

With their wit, happy-go-lucky attitude and unlimited optimism, a Sagittarius personality has all the qualities to charm you. However, they also have a deep need for both physical and emotional freedom, so they will simply leave if they think this need cannot be fulfilled in a relationship.  When things look ominous, a Sagittarian will look for an alternative route rather than resolve the issue at hand. When this time comes, don’t expect them to hold back because their directness often translates itself into a lack of tact and brutal honesty.

4. Libra - Won't be held down

You might not have thought that Libra personality would make the list because of their hatred of being alone and their desire to find their other half. However, it is a Libra tendency to be very indecisive as they continually weigh up the pros and cons of every potential relationship, without ever coming to a definitive answer. Naturally, this means that Libra’s are very reluctant to commit to a relationship unless they can see it lasting a lifetime. So, unless they are sure that you’re the perfect partner, don’t expect them to plan out their future with you anytime soon.

5. Virgo - Always holds back

Renowned for their practical and analytic minds, the Virgo personality is tentative entering into relationships. While they are not as cold and distant as people may believe, they do take a while to open up to partners let alone commit to the relationship. With their close attention to small details, expect a Virgo to analyze each aspect of a relationship with the utmost scrutiny, to see where it could be better. Their overly critical nature makes them reluctant to commit to a relationship in which they see so many flaws.

By Susan Taylor

Editor in Chief and Astrologist for MyAstroMag - I’ve always been completely fascinated by the world Astrology, Tarot and Numerology and I also love sharing my insights into every aspect of these domains. Writing for you and forecasting my exclusive predictions are two of my main passions.

Editor in Chief and Astrologist for MyAstroMag - I’ve always been completely fascinated by the world Astrology, Tarot and Numerology and I also love sharing my insights into every aspect of these domains. Writing for you and forecasting my exclusive predictions are two of my main passions.

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